One pair of lips seems like enough...one would think. And yes, they are enough.  Who is any guy kidding on that particular point? However, knowing that feeling of two separate sets of lips at the same time is hard to explain. Now, I must explain that I have been able to hold my concentration...for the most part...while my lover has blown me. The Kinky Elle set has each story that has been written, at least partially, while receiving fellatio from the gf. I am a lucky guy, what can I say?  She knows it inspires me and...well... The reminder that not all that far back I was enjoying two sets of lips on me...and here I am thinking the next part of Kinky Elle may just feature that. A guy can dream, can he not? No doubt there are some [Read more...]

A Really Bad Idea

The end is nigh!...of February, at least. This is something new. First, I'm typing left handed with a bandaged paw, so 'scuse the spelling. I expect auto erect to have a field day. Second, I am doing this during my work day...my mobile beside my computer and me tapping in my random thoughts of the day... Ready? Set...go! Talk about appropriate, Chicago's 25 or 6 to 4 is playing on my iPod. For my next trick, I shall go climb stacks of wood...not kidding as this is part of what I do. Go out to find average widths and color on a pack of five-quarter cherry. No wonder they pay me the big bucks...oh, wait a tick. I survived the climbing. Now I have a craving for that blessed item that Walter Bishop sings about...think Fringe...licorice! [Read more...]

Blame the Boots

Thigh high boots... not just for strippers and hookers anymore. Sexuality has become so intertwined with our lives...as the cliche goes, sex sells everything...that higher boots have become fashionable. It is a funny paradox that this has created. People get upset when they believe someone sees them for sex alone...and yet fashion tries to exude sex. A guy can't win. I see high boots and I think of a stripper poll dancing to David Bowie's Modern Love...then the feel of them straddling during those private dances. Now to see them as regular fashion makes it difficult to separate from those initial thoughts. I can do this, myself as sexuality requires respect in my mind...but I understand how some cannot make this leap. I have had [Read more...]

Oscar Night

Being the film I believe should win is not even nominated for the best picture Oscar, I'm not going to bother watching. I admit, my choice of Dark Knight Rises, would never win. My hope had been that it would be nominated for the entire trilogy much as the third chapter of The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. There are some who say I should watch anyway...but why? To show my support for the arts? For one, I have no dog in this fight. No rooting interest. No care as to who wins any of them. Second, the belief that my lack of interest is a lack of support for the arts...so the paying money to see the films is not enough? Of course I am tired of the politics of it...watching Spielberg and The Color Purple being shut put years ago [Read more...]

Why I Won’t See Oz

Mila Kunis did an interview where she claims the film has a little action...a little drama...a little romance...a little fantasy...a little of everything for everybody... So, in essence, she claims it is pablum for the sheep. First, why do they interview actors? Interviewing an actor about why a part was written a certain way is like interviewing an anchorman about the political story s/he just grinned through as they read. Also, why are pablumatic films thought if with anything other than disdain? When we look back at "classic" films of the last thirty years, they have become more and more specialized. Take the first Star Wars film, for example...easily the best of the six...no romance...no mystery...not even real hard core science [Read more...]