Night Moves

Currently sitting on a couch by the window in my girlfriend's condo. Of in the distance us the Gardner Expressway that heads west from here, aground the Golden Horseshoe to Niagara and across the border into New York. It is a fascinating view for one, such add myself, that is used to suburbia. The traffic never stops. There is constant movement and no rest. What is so important? Why is there no rest? Considering how we all need rest, could you imagine what it would be like? Now, the highway I am watching is concrete...but knowing that the stresses and strain on that structure never lets is a bit frightening. Not only thinking of the physical properties of the bridge, but in the psychology of what it does to or [Read more...]

Swimming the Stream of Unconsciousness

Something I haven't done for awhile...I have twenty minutes to write this...and! 62-35...guess the NFL took a page out of the NHL book of "No Defense at All-Star Games" I am sitting here, tapping away on the keys as three little girls play games behind me...not so easy for one that writes as I do to stay focused as they scream, bicker, and ask to do my hair.  I know...sounds sexist...sounds stereotypical...BUT THEY DO!!!  My youngest wants to put my buzzed hair into braids and that is wrong on so many levels...mostly as I think she actually means to do my beard. We had a slight break when I pulled up the Muppets doing Bohemian Rhapsody on the screen: Nothing really matters...but moi! See what I mean?  This was [Read more...]

So Good

It is still matter how much the advertisers sell it to us.  Apparently we, as a population, have this innate guilt for feeling so physically good. That plus the fear of the unknown of some...the fear that things are going on in other bedrooms that we do not know about, nor understand that scare them to the point of trying to control...making anything out of the norm, taboo. Not our fault that they are not having good fact, we should make it our mission to have better sex to make up for the mediocre, lack-luster and even void of sex in others.  We should make it our sacred task to kick karma into correcting this grievous error! Who's with me?

How Things Change

As I begin this post, my current PC wallpaper is to the left. When you get to the end of this, you'll understand why. well, I am currently sitting here listening to this song: Gimme...gimme...gimme...fried chicken! The girlfriend, as I was sitting listening to this quietly (as if), tells me that the Golden Globes are on tonight. I do recall, years ago, that these award shows mattered to me.  That was back in a time when I watched regular television and actually was curious what critics thought of films and music and such. These days, however, not so much. I like who and what I like.  Whether or not they are awarded on top of the millions they are already likely making for their entertainment services is irrelevant to [Read more...]