Do you ever look at the driver in the other car?...or just the car? How many of us are driving along and only see the machines, the minimum requirement of what is actually going on inside our own car.  For safety we know the car is there, but what is going on beyond that other windscreen does not matter. We drive along to the corner to make a right turn and slow to a roll at the red light...not really stopping.  Checking to our left we see an oncoming car that we have just enough distance to get around the corner in front of, causing them to have to slow down and brake due to our vehicle pulling out.  Then, when they honk, we give them the finger and claim they are the stupid fucks who should grow up. Another example as you pass any [Read more...]

Two Things Missing

In this photo, I am missing two things... First, Canada's sensuality..eroticism...our libido is based around winter.  This picture is two years ago...and we have not really had snow since.  We need the snow to warm up, as we do so well with bodies working together in front of roaring fireplaces while warm beverages wait for us to finish... Second thing...traded in the hybrid today...and this will likely be the last picture of it that I recall.  Now I need to break in the new car properly...any volunteers?

Dance of the Subtweets

Press play Who the hell are you? You, there...with those sexy hips... You're messing with my head. I'd give you the Moon if you asked, but would rather stay in your shadow from the sunlight just to get that hint of red shine from your hair.  I would stand close just to get that whiff of your scent...that hint of a glance...that brush of a touch from your hand even if by accident. As the old Genesis tune goes, I can't dance...I can't sing...I'm just standing here selling everything ...but for you, I would carry a tune and a rhythm until you cum just from the beat.  To feel you move with feel your heart drive that smile. I claim to be the opposite...but my inner romantic wants to run along [Read more...]