As I was working through a piece last night, that will appear elsewhere, I was reminded of just how cathartic writing is for me.  Quite a shock, really...last night was the first time I have sat and forced myself to work since my Blackberry became a paper weight two weeks ago. So...a quick update.  I will have my regular computer back on Tuesday (Oct 2) and should be back to some normal frequency after that.  Due to family visiting, my sitting area where my 'puter resides has been taken up by sleeping relatives each evening for the last two weeks and, between that and the need to visit with said relatives, it has been awkward.  This, plus the aforementioned Blackberry evolution into paper weight thanks to the wonderful customer service I [Read more...]

In the Black

There are stars up there, twinkling in the black.  They wink as they watch me from far above...much as I watch them from here. The same stars she watches from there. Our shared vision in the blackness of reality...a sight of all that could be out there...that seems possible and yet just out of reach. "When you're reaching for a star, there's a long way to fall." - C.D., Roxanne The stars watch us both and laugh.  To them we are so close together...but to us, it is much too far. Geography, next to Mother Nature, is the harshest of mistresses.  Globalization giveth the dreams that the kilometres taketh away...a thief in the night...taking those dreams to the stars. What do those stars dream? Do they dream of great love?  Of great [Read more...]

Kerthunking and the Mobile Curse

I am in something of an unintended hiatus from all things online. As I type this, my daughters are watching The Simpsons Movie behind me, so my remarks here will be less than libido dripping...not because of concern over my daughters seeing them (that won't happen)...more because The Simpsons tend to kill moods of erotica.  Even Marge in lingerie just will not fix that mood.  Sometimes, though, the power of humour does so much more than even the libido. "Have you ever tried going mad without power?  It's boring, no one listens to you." - Russ Cargill, The Simpsons Movie Long story short...well, really no way to do that...so here is the abbreviated version of the last fourteen days. Two Sundays back, I was out for dinner with my parents, [Read more...]

Girlfriends, Good Sex and Bad Soap Operas

At what point does she become "the girlfriend"? Perhaps the bigger question...who is she? Confused? You won't be after...oh wait...I already did that on Twitter. This is what I get for introducing my daughters to the show "Soap". A show that, in its initial run, I was too young to watch. Brilliantly written...a perfect cast (think Robert Guillaume, Richard Mulligan and...yes...Billy Crystal..."Have fun storming the castle, boys!")...and one thing that, even now, no one really pokes fun at. Probably being soap operas are no where near as popular as they once were...so understandable. This show was out years before even Tootsie took soap opera lampoons to the cinema. Anyhow, it seems I have digressed, once again...unto the breech! I'm [Read more...]