Let Us Discuss Porn!…or not…

As I begin putting this post together, I have Queen performing this song in the background: Seems appropriate, no? Originally, I had intended to write one of my "Stranded's Awesome" posts...but it went off the rails.  Had this idea for one that was completely tongue in cheek and would name sites like Facebook, Twitter and OhIThink as my favourite porn sites...perhaps not so tongue in cheek as there are a few women on those sites that I would really enjoy to...um... So, this is Thursday.  I expect that in the order of days of the week, Thursday is third worst behind Monday and Tuesday...with a name like "humpday", Wednesday is definitely ahead of Thursday. More important than this debate, however...I really don't have any favourite [Read more...]

A Sensual Saturday Waking

Live, from Toronto, it's Saturday morning! Well...Toronto-ish. No kids this weekend. Nothing specific to do. Unfortunately, no one to do nothing with. This is the worst part of these mornings. Let's be honest...arousal does not take much when a guy is still in that mystical half-awake state. A simple roll over in the dawn light, cuddle into her back, and kiss of the shoulder would be the beginning. Then to whisper her name in her ear as the newly formed erection pushes at her requesting access to the most warm of places. Of course, she would then spread her legs just enough to allow the tip of that erection to find her clit and embrace it. The penis always embraces the clitoris before going past...well, it should...it is the [Read more...]