A Baseball Gender Question

As I begin writing this post, I am sitting in a pub watching a baseball game. Indeed, I'd rather watch the snow melt, but I have time to kill while my kids are at a rehearsal, so here I am. One of the broadcasters just mentioned what a shame it is that the tradition of baseball is not being passed on by parents to the younger set. That's right. It's our fault that the younglings have no love of the diamond, the struggle of hitter v. batter, chewing tobacco, and steroids. Soon all will be forgotten. I have one question. Why should we? OBJECTION!!! Yes, this is a sex positive post, your honor. If the court allows me some leeway, I suspect my reasoning for this will be clear. I promise, your honor, at no time will I refer to the [Read more...]

It’s Mani-pedi Time…and the Wereplatypusses!

Okay...sing it with me now. Remember, we do this to the old Howdy Doody tune... ...and a one ...and a two It's mani-pedi time...it's mani-pedi time... Rather than subject you all to another live-tweeting of the event, I thought we'd be different this time as I offer a stream of consciousness piece that is due to empty into the river of dreams right before my train of thought crashes into them. Besides, there is nothing like the thoughts of a six-foot Irishman kicking a petite Asian woman across the room when she tickles him accidentally. As Mrs. Stranded keeps reminding me, it is a good thing I'm not ticklish. Of course, mani-pedies are much more important now...Seeing as Canada now has a rock star as prime minister, we have to keep [Read more...]

Privacy is in Ashes

The Seventh Commandment by Pascal, adultery

This week's Wicked Wednesday prompt is "Peeping Tom". Normally I would work it into one of the stories in my draft folder, but considering the issue that came out last week, this seems appropo. So...to steal a phrase from Monty Python... ...I've always wanted to use something from the Python's in a Wicked Wednesday post...this tickles some. Many that read anything about sensual lifestyles and habits have heard about the latest big hacking scandal by now. The odds are good that most people in western society have heard about this one. Ashley Madison markets as a discreet way for attached folk to play outside the bounds of fidelity. Proving the severe bias of the media, many stories immediately refer to it as a website of cheating [Read more...]

Swinging Castle Stranded and a Corrugated Fetish

Forgive me, reader, it has been three weeks since my last prose...no, seriously. With my posting schedule, most would not realize, but it has been three weeks since these fingers have been swinging across proper keys. Okay, this is posting for Wicked Wednesday, but it has nothing to do with this week's theme of hormones! I'm sorry...it took me five days to get my fucking computer un-boxed and my fingers have been going stir crazy wanting to type something completely inappropriate as they swapped DNA with the keys. So here we go. Um....oh boy...and now the exhaustion kicks in. Awaiting my head to slam on the keys after how this week has gone. Fuck, who am I kidding, this month. Just box after box and a shit load of Ikea furniture to [Read more...]