Was not going to be online today, but I am sitting alone with the Doberman in the car as my date for the day has gone into the barn to check on her horse. The Doberman is not happy. I am feeling much better. Still have to cold but this morning is the first time in four days I have felt well enough to go out. Called my kids this morning and they got flooded with gifts (as predicted) by their mother. That's only the beginning as they will be off to their her parents later today as well. That type of excess that they are going through today always bothers me. Not much I can do from here. I guess this is the punishment for picking badly on relationships. I miss my kids something awful this morn...but I am scared to think of the mess I would [Read more...]

Foos and Macs

It is 23:45 and I'm waiting for my meds to kick in. Thanks to a cold or something I picked up at the office on Monday, just was not in a writing mood at all today. Back on my horse tomorrow, though... Or as my old fav cliche goes, save a horse, ride a cowboy. A little too cold for my cowboy hat at the moment, but the stallion Percheron and other five horses in the barn will appreciate the break. Tonight's sleep music is a mix between Fleetwood Mac's Behind the Mask...the one were they replaced the stoned Lindsay Buckingham with two guitar players...and the Foo Fighters' In Your Honor (note, the missing 'u'), Disc 2. Fleetwood Mac has this uncanny knack for song writing. With or without Buckingham, everything they did grows on me if I [Read more...]

All I Want for Christmas is for Her Not to Spit

Women spitting is...well...un-goddess-like. Now, quick disclaimer...I'm four beer, strong beer (call the 7.5%) into a bender and enjoying anything you read after this particular line, take with a grain of salt. Whether it be after a baseball game and she is trying to show that she can be one of the boys...or after a blow job and she is trying to get the taste out of her is un-lady-like. This is the reason I like to eat as much asparagus as I can get my hands on.  I hear that that makes the taste...yes, that taste...better.  Well, for the good that does me. Apparently, women have this thing about the taste of semen.  If it doesn't taste good enough, they spit it out...I would say something to the effect of "wimps", but [Read more...]

Is It Over, Yet?

This evening is being spent at a Catholic church *groan*. My mother's choir is doing their Christmas carols this eve and I let her talk me into enter the house of cons for the first time since my grandmother's funeral in 2007. I still remember years ago when I had an argument with my parish it 1992...I huffed out of the church and walked into a book store to buy my first deck of Tarot cards. I don't even remember what the argument was about, but it was when I began to educate myself on beliefs and some of the fictions that were held as facts by so many. Now, as I type this, my oldest daughter is reading over my shoulder in fascination. "You had an argument with a priest?" she just asked. As such, I trust her to know that [Read more...]

Come Together

I'm confused. I'm at my daughters' Christmas singing recital. Sitting through 50 + performances by children of different Christmas carols and the like either on vocal or piano. Just finished listening to my eldest do a good job on Old Toy Trains. My youngest, in the second act will be getting Nuttin' for Christmas. However, based on the song list...well, nothing says Christmas like The Raiders March (Indiana Jones), Rocky Main Themese (Stallone, not Bullwinkle) and Bloody Well Right. On the last one, must admit that to hear a ten year old play Supertramp was a riot. As a Pagan listening to this show, good that these songs add some whatever keeps the kids practicing works. One tune struck me as particularly odd. One boy [Read more...]

Good Morning, Mr. Woods

I awake, this morning, to pornography. Not really on purpose. Lil' ole me rolls over, turns on my phone and wanders on to Twitter. First Tweet I find includes a pic., I have no problem with porn. It does serve a purpose...sometimes erotic, sometimes instructional, sometimes gets the creative juices flowing...amongst other juices. This particular photo, however, quickly had added significance when I found out it was her. Not only does the photo have my mind screaming "I want that!", but my mind also starts wishing I could have snapped that one. And yes, dare I say, I have snapped pics along those lines. Modeled in them, even. I only share with permission, the photo truth isn't out there, generally. Especially the [Read more...]

For Now…

More snow drifting to the if we haven't had enough. Watching it filter its way to the ground. Flittering here, flittering there, a dance until it meets the ground. How many Whos die everytime a snowflake hits the ground? Imagine the devastation were that our galaxy...slowly dropping to the end. "A person's a person no matter how small..." - Seuss Is that what the Mayans saw coming for 2012? For the record, I suspect the guy who carved the Mayan calendar got tired...and thought it would be funny to see the paranoia that and 'end' to his art would cause. After all, every ending is a beginning for something else. The modern way...we end a relationship only to end up crawling into bed with someone else that feels [Read more...]


Tonight there is a craving. A craving to please a goddess. To bring her to that point... You know that point... Where the first orgasm is the stuff legends are made of and ballads are written about. The type that sends her into screaming pleasurable convulsions that sends shivers down every woman's spine in a two kilometre radius as they sense it. The type of orgasm that she will probably be thankful she is already lying down as, if she isn't, she'll be on the floor shortly drooling. The type of orgasm that, three months later, she still has trouble walking. The type of orgasm that she will have to bite her tongue when her daughter mentions her granddaughter didn't come home until morning...biting her tongue not top avoid scolding, [Read more...]