Evolution and Other Stranded Plans for World Domination

As I hit the post button we are about to board our US Airways flight to Philadelphia for our connection to London before our drive with Molly and Michael to Bristol. We have been warned that Molly's car is small, so hoping @MrsStranded and I packed light enough. Oh, right...knew I forgot to mention...I have been packed since Sunday. Was a bit over excited about all that was happening. That plus the fact of having no time with being busy with my teen daughters on Monday and a class that @MrsStranded and I take on Tuesday. Normal stuff, you know. Wait, I forgot to explain something else. Dammit. What did I forget? Oh yes, from now on @strandedGF shall be forever known as @MrsStranded. Evolution, my friends... Did I not mention the [Read more...]

Engaged Dating

Tonight, after live-Tweeting the first of the Star Wars films...that would ep IV, for the uninitiated...@strandedGF and I began discussing our dating issues prior to finally meeting, roughly a year ago (Jan 6, 2013 for those asking). *be warned, we will be live-tweeting Star Wars: Ep V tomorrow eve* The dating scene is not easy...and thankfully, we are both out of it now...well, in essence. Being in the swinging lifestyle, means we are not entirely out of it, but that is a different context entirely. So...dating...we are here to bestow our knowledge unto you. So pull up a chair, and prepare yourself for whatever horse-shit...er...knowledge we will be offering now. Honey? Oddly enough...@strandedGF is quietly using plants to kill [Read more...]

Lusting Outside the Box

With all the ice and snow...and Toronto will likely be under a state of emergency before the evening is out...we found this box in the mail today...wonder what's inside? A box this size, it could be condoms, or a small dildo for m'lady, or even rope to help restrain her in her enjoyment. Perhaps nipple clamps or a leash for her collar...or a ball gag, as those are always fun. So many little things with big possibilities...