42 + 1

My 14 year old is standing behind a microphone and professionally recording some Broadway tunes as her Christmas present for her grandmother. Thus begins year 43 of this existence...as of today. Yes, she is really 14. Her sister is nearly 13. This is not easy to fathom as I still recall being that eight-year old with the rusted bike meeting his buddies behind the old Gulf service station to look at that first Playboy and feeling horribly guilty just flipping pages. Some days I still feel like that boy...others I wonder where he went. Either way, I have teenage daughters. I feel like my newest character in Adventures of Jamie as I keep thinking her opening line, How the hell did I get here? From the eight-year old altar boy to the [Read more...]

Isn’t It Awfully Nice to Have a Penis

It was tempting to post for The Penis Project a certain video and to use it as part of my fictional Songbirds series...but that would not do the meme justice.  The idea was to have the main character, Nigel...a shock-jock, giving his listeners an ear-full about his penis.  Would have been a cute story, but not really honest. We fiction writers get paid to lie.  Today, however... "...and now for something completely different." - Monty Python So how about beginning with the honest point that men are generally much more visual creatures than women, no?  Anyone want to dispute this point?  Of course there are exceptions, but it is men that buy most of the porn, and that is reason enough to accept this theorem.  Women read more of the [Read more...]

Savannah Delayed

Okay...was supposed to post the new Savannah chapter this week...but it is not ready.  Thanks to the rear end of my car being nailed by a youngster doing 70 kph behind me while I was stopped...well, real life got in the way. Regardless, Savannah will be back next week.

For Laughs Alone

Specifically for @strandedgf's Okay, you try explaining to the girlfriend as she walks in..."This is for Sinful Sunday...now step away from the camera and no one will get hurt!"