Strandard on the Counter

Made this on my trip last week. They didn't get it. I should have asked for a bigger piece to make my kitchen counter out of so I could ravage someone on top of it. I have mentioned that not only do I write about job funding this writing habit involves selling wood, too...didn't I?


I have never understood the male fixation with breast size. Have just sat down at the pub below my condo and am finding the bar maid particularly flirtatious at the moment. The usual uniform here is the kilt and low-cut black T-shirt which, in this scribe's opinion, do more for the look of breasts than the white sorts of, say Hooters. I have stated many times that, if anything, I am a face man...first thing I see on a woman is her eyes, lips and hair. Likely explains a bit of my oral fixation ass fellatio is huge for me and i admit...being the sexist man that I am, I allow my mine to think of what her lips would look like around me. Second is one of two things, and this all depends on how she is dressed...legs are more common [Read more...]

I Will Be Her Clouds

She will be my sun. Brightening my time with her...and when she is away, trusting, beyond trust...knowing she will soon return. I will be her clouds. Unlike the moon, I will not chase, but instead be there when she needs...whether it be to simple drift hand-in-hand for a while, or if she needs me to hide and cover her as she leans on me for help and warmth when she feels weakness. Then she will continue on her way to do what she must until she comes round to me again. I will be a mixture of her future and her right now...yet not her I will not be selfish. I cannot be her past, but will never restrict her from it. I will be the one she wants to share with when things happen...and she will be the first I think of [Read more...]

First Night

Still, technically, five sleeps from moving in...and the above is the view from the new place. Sitting here, at the new place, having a discussion of phone etiquette with the gf's six-year-old. we are on to why I do not wear a watch. I had forgotten about these basic conversations that happen with the I under-ten set. I have strictly missed thus a but. Great as it is having two teens that have begun to grasp my fact to the point that I take my 13 (my weirdest) to a concert of my choosing for her birthday each year, thus year it will be Pat Benatar at Massey Hall in August. Sorry, jumping topics here... Great as it is to have two that understand me...there it's something refreshing about the megalomania that [Read more...]