1000 Words

I am a writer Posting pictures on Sunday Speak more than I do ... Sins the eye can see Come hither and see for self Looks the eye can give ... Makes the writer sad All they see are images They don't want to think ... or read ... or imagine ...

Where Did the Rum Go?

Considering how both bottles were full at the beginning...um....I guess body shots hour is over.  Beer goggles are a lovely thing, but in my experience rum (okay...the fucking bottle I'm showing is whiskey, but then my title won't be as funny...sue me) is even better. My question becomes about which means more..."happy hour" where the liquor is cheap, or happy hour where she is screaming in orgasm? Yeah, like there is a contest...I'll take driving her orgasm over cheap drinks any day. Being I only have a third of a bottle left...who's up for that orgasm?