Where Did the Rum Go?

Considering how both bottles were full at the beginning...um....I guess body shots hour is over.  Beer goggles are a lovely thing, but in my experience rum (okay...the fucking bottle I'm showing is whiskey, but then my title won't be as funny...sue me) is even better. My question becomes about which means more..."happy hour" where the liquor is cheap, or happy hour where she is screaming in orgasm? Yeah, like there is a contest...I'll take driving her orgasm over cheap drinks any day. Being I only have a third of a bottle left...who's up for that orgasm?

Define Kink

What is "kink"? kink/kiNGk/  Noun:  A sharp twist or curve in something that is otherwise straight. Verb:  Form or cause to form a sharp twist or curve. Synonym:  Twist I once told someone that everyone has a kink in them...at least one...they just may not have found it yet.  I truly believe this. It could be as simple as drooling over a woman in thigh-high boots...to needing to cross-dress and wear clown make-up in order to get off.  For the record, I have not met any clown make-upped cross-dressers yet, but I am certain they are out there. However, when looking at the picture above...the first question in my mind is:  " I wonder if they are anatomically correct? The second, I suspect, was equally as obvious a question: Why isn't he [Read more...]

In the Snow

Our first snow storm of the year over the last 24 hours...and all I see is this in the doorway.  A winter phallicy, if there ever were one, poking out from underneath the snow.

The End is Nigh

Being this will be our final year, all the more reason to stop the silliness that is Sinful Sunday...make everyday a sinful day, for tomorrow there may not be another...well, at least on Dec 21 there may not be another. All that said, I was going to crop this until I saw the irony of "Feels Like the First TIme" attached to this. Whatever your belief, delusion, or inebriation concoction...enjoy your holiday. .