Tragic Separation #sinfulsunday

Soon, many of us will celebrate Christmas with our family and friends.  Unfortunately, like so many desperate others, this condom will spend it alone having been torn away from it's mate (note the "hanging chad" on the bottom left and imagine the tears).  Think of how you could help.  Only $300 an hour, the price of a decent microwave oven, could help this condom find its partner in the afterlife and flush away its problems. Operators are standing by...

Save a Horse… #sinfulsunday

Normally, I would have posted this on Saturday evening (my time), but... Look at these two horses.  Imagine just how much your donation could do to help save them.  Call 1-800-Save-a-horse now and help these two from the mistreatment of cowboys riding them.  They need your help, today.  Operators are standing by!...and, so are the cowboys (no...I don't mean the Dallas Cowboys as they are beyond help).

As the Snow Flies

Today was the first day of fall, for 2011, meaning the snow flies potentially in mere days at this point..perhaps, to the untrained eye, snow is not erotic and not sinful. Here in Canada, we are experts, we know how to keep warm while saving heating oil...bring on the snow and the frolicking it causes. In fact, to take this a step further, prior to modern heating in homes in Nordic countries, is it any wonder why there were so many babies born in August, September and October?

Keep the Hat On

After a month long hiatus from Sinful Sunday, I'm back...ARE YOU READY? Did that sound like a boxing announcer voice?  That is what I was going for. Anyhow, gone from my second story office perch to my new basement apartment...somewhat darker...more mysterious...and I think I may have left a banana down here too long.  Oh well...Now where the hell did I put that camera...  

Why I Didn’t Want to Play Football

I'm a purist when it comes to the game, what can I say?  Looks like the Argonaut mascot is happy to see them, though. For the record, my own computer and camera should be back up and running next week so I won't be pulling from pics in my FB archive for Sinful Sunday after that.

Toronto the Phallic

Okay, there is a bit of irony from this as I took it from inside the Rogers Centre, our football stadium in Toronto which has a retractable roof...thus, beside the famous CN Tower, it is like seeing a penis beside a vagina.