Life Force – A Guest Post

Note from C.P. - I met Evgenia via a Fetlife connection. Ok, met is strong as on-line only even though we both live in the mystical realm of Toronto. One of these days, though... That said, the woman exudes sexuality and grace. I am pleased to offer her this space for tonight's guest post and, on first reading this, it was not what I was expecting. She simply impresses me more and more when I read her work. Enjoy and, if the words speak to you, please support her ... Life force   Deep within us lives a force – a powerful energy of self-expression, joy and ultimate pleasure. Deep within us exists an element that shape shifts. It burns in strongest passionate flames and simmers as it teases our senses. It flows calmly while [Read more...]

Violent Love by P. Monroe – Guest Post

Warning: this book contains hardcore bdsm, violence, anal sex and dubious consent. Intended only for readers 18 or older. If such content disturbs you, please don't buy this book. (But if you're like me and look for these warnings as an indication of what you're looking for, you have definitely come to the right place;) Cogan Since I was fourteen I've known what it is to be obsessed. I've spent my life breathing because of her. She's in my blood, my cells, my DNA. Nothing will stop me from claiming her. Not my pedo father, or her whore of a mother, not their sick employers. No one. Not even the society we live in and their stupid rules. I only follow mine, after all. Nothing stops me from getting what I want. And, once she turns nineteen? [Read more...]

That Day at the Lake – A Guest Post by Rachel de Vine

Hi, I’m Rachel de Vine, and I am the guest today of C.P. McClennan, who has invited me to publicise my new book on his site. Thanks, Chris, I hope your reputation survives the arrival of a BDSM romance on the site. (You can tell everyone is was ‘Be kind to the English week’ and purely an act of charity.) ***CP reputation is in tact...and am honoured Rachel did this post***   Adriana has adored Luca since his father rescued her from an abusive man in Naples, Italy, when she was just eight years old. Her one wish when she was growing up was that Luca would fall in love with her and that they would marry. However, life is never as simple as that. Luca’s father is a Mafia member, and is killed by a gang member, and [Read more...]