Please, It’s Melody

He heard her moans as he walked down the dark hall. He moved slowly with the carpet muting his footsteps. A louder pleasured scream came from the door at the end of the hall. The open door to his left allowed the noon sunlight to filter in. Glancing in revealed that room to be a full washroom with little toothbrushes and stains of fruity toothpaste around the sink. The towels hanging beside the window featured some character made of strawberries. A quieter moan filled the hall. His eyes turned to the end of the hall where the door was not fully closed, but a crack of light along the left showed it would be pushed open without restraint. Glancing at the walls, he saw the anonymous, seemingly happy family photos staring back at [Read more...]

The Best Kiss

Author's note: I really don't write enough humour anymore...I apologize in advance, and though the initial attempt was to take this week's prompt seriously, I failed. They once said that the kiss of Buttercup and Wesley blew away the top kisses of all time. Hogwash! This is vanilla propaganda, at its worst. The best kiss, though. It, of course, happens only once and causes us to spend the rest of our lives attempting to recreate that moment. I invite you, dear reader, to picture a half-full parking lot bathed in sunshine on a frigid day. I in my parka, and her in her cap, we had lunched and moved outside from the pubbish restaurant towards our vehicles. Knowing we each had to return to work, it seemed to be an event [Read more...]

Essential Aftercare

Tempest looked down at him and giggled. She still held a riding crop in her hand as she stood at the bedside with only her polka-dot red and white panties and bra left on. Her red hair cascaded over her left shoulder with little memory of the ponytail it had started the evening in. For six hours, Kipling had indulged her scene of fetish and erotica. There had been no complaints from him about any of it. He grinned as she had applied handcuffs, bound his ankles and put the blindfold on him. There had been an occasional grimace and groan during the flogging and cropping periods. There had been plenty of pleasurable groans while he endured her guests taking turns sucking his large cock. Tempest wasn't sure that endured was the correct [Read more...]