Alice Over Night

Author's note: Alice Over Night initially posted as a story of erotica in October of 2011. Went back over it and decided that, much as I enjoyed the story, it was in dire need of a re-write. This is the result: "I couldn't wear that," Alice said through her hands. With a pen dangling between her fingers, she made a weak attempt to cover her laugh. Gina, the bride to be, held up a patch of clothing in front of her as the other three women cheered. This tiny piece of cloth was part of modern-day lingerie, and Alice thought it to be hilarious. She sat to Gina's right with a notepad in her lap to take down names of who gave each gift. Lowering her hands, she scribbled the details on this one. Alice dusted off the black skirt that came down [Read more...]

BDSM to Me

What does BDSM mean to me? Well, it really means freedom, does it not?  The realization that we do not all get off the same way...that we can be unique without seeming weird. There are aspects of BDSM that I simply do not get...examples are numerous that just go beyond my being able to stomach...but I can still respect those that do. The fact that some like oral sex while riding hippos and using horse whips...on each is proof of our diversity.  The fact that to some, keeping the lights on is kink enough...well, that's just scary. Now, if we could just all accept the theory that everyone...each and every last one of us...has some kink.  It just varies in degrees. Whether it be that couple who giggle at keeping the [Read more...]