BDSM to Me

What does BDSM mean to me? Well, it really means freedom, does it not?  The realization that we do not all get off the same way...that we can be unique without seeming weird. There are aspects of BDSM that I simply do not get...examples are numerous that just go beyond my being able to stomach...but I can still respect those that do. The fact that some like oral sex while riding hippos and using horse whips...on each is proof of our diversity.  The fact that to some, keeping the lights on is kink enough...well, that's just scary. Now, if we could just all accept the theory that everyone...each and every last one of us...has some kink.  It just varies in degrees. Whether it be that couple who giggle at keeping the [Read more...]

What I Want

Press play... What the hell do I want? ...and though she will fuck up your want her just the same...but now I know... Lottery winnings?  No...always hear the people about the problems that come with winning the millions and so many saying something to the effect of being willing to try those problems out...sure I could use a little, but too much would not help me. Power?  Why?  Who do I want power over?  Power is craved by the weak...those that feel the need to control others because they cannot control themselves without that ego power. Love?  Been there...tried that...the Disney curse and fairy tales have destroyed any real concept of love.  Two things love has been associated with traditionally that it [Read more...]