The Freedom Cage

The cage moved. It swung forward and back, almost to the beat of the tune wafting in from the overhead speakers. It was four feet from the floor, and the audience gave it a wide radius to avoid injury. The first time this had happened, Kara had been rather concerned. It had swung causing her to lose balance and crash against the side of steel bars. The bruises were odd and, unlike when Jon flogged her, not at all pleasant. She had learned, however. Learned to keep her balance as the cage moved. Learned to dance and keep rhythm even as the scene might spin around her. Tonight the scene was as usual as this place ever got. "I'm going to fuck Emma tonight," Jon had told her. He had zipped up the back of her dress earlier and [Read more...]

Whistling for Tidbits

Author's note: Marie Rebelle was kind enough to let me pick this week's Wicked Wednesday prompt. This is my third attempt to write this piece as inspired by music...which is something my writing is always inspired by. This week also holds special meaning for me as tomorrow (May 11) marks fifteen years since the passing of Douglas Adams (Towel Day is May 25...tell your friends!). My first attempt was using the music of Level 42, a band who's very name shows how Douglas inspired them. The next attempt used Pink Floyd, a band that inspired Douglas. Both pieces that, with some work, will show up on these pages later. But then I realized, there was only one song I can use for this: Press play... "I liked their porn." "Carson, watch [Read more...]

The Best Kiss

Author's note: I really don't write enough humour anymore...I apologize in advance, and though the initial attempt was to take this week's prompt seriously, I failed. They once said that the kiss of Buttercup and Wesley blew away the top kisses of all time. Hogwash! This is vanilla propaganda, at its worst. The best kiss, though. It, of course, happens only once and causes us to spend the rest of our lives attempting to recreate that moment. I invite you, dear reader, to picture a half-full parking lot bathed in sunshine on a frigid day. I in my parka, and her in her cap, we had lunched and moved outside from the pubbish restaurant towards our vehicles. Knowing we each had to return to work, it seemed to be an event [Read more...]