Feels So Good

Press play... "What's with the disco? She feeling retro again?" Silk laughed. "No, Argyle, She got a new toy." "Oh, is that why we're...?" "Of course, Argyle, why else would we be? And you know as well as I that 70s disco means it's her playtime." "I see how it is. She masturbates with these machines..." "Preach to the choir, reverend!" "and we're..." Argyle stopped to take a big breath. "Yeah, forgotten," Silk growled. "...left like yesterday's newspaper." Priscilla screamed in pleasure from on top of the bed. "Selfish," Argyle said with a cluck of disgust. "Just selfish. And why i" Silk sighed. "She doesn't seem to understand we can't fold ourselves."

Privacy is in Ashes

The Seventh Commandment by Pascal, adultery

This week's Wicked Wednesday prompt is "Peeping Tom". Normally I would work it into one of the stories in my draft folder, but considering the issue that came out last week, this seems appropo. So...to steal a phrase from Monty Python... ...I've always wanted to use something from the Python's in a Wicked Wednesday post...this tickles some. Many that read anything about sensual lifestyles and habits have heard about the latest big hacking scandal by now. The odds are good that most people in western society have heard about this one. Ashley Madison markets as a discreet way for attached folk to play outside the bounds of fidelity. Proving the severe bias of the media, many stories immediately refer to it as a website of cheating [Read more...]