Gift Horse

"Wow." the man whispered to the corpse. The warehouse was silent. All the drills and table saws lay dormant while many wood panels looked on waiting to be worked on. Only a few lights kept the building alive. The windows were almost completely black with the overcast night. The man crouched and looked closer. The corpse had short brown hair and was about six foot in length on the ground. His open eyes were a bright blue. No noticeable scars other than the bullet hole in his forehead which was leaking blood. The body was dressed in denim jacket and pants with a white tee shirt. "It's like looking in a fucking mirror." The man checked the pockets and found a wallet in the breast of the jacket. He flipped it open. The corpse had a drivers [Read more...]

Beholder: Minister of Alien Affairs

March 26, 2011 "Sir, you can't stay here." The man looked up at the young RCMP officer. "Get that flashlight out of my face, rookie." The young RCMP had his retort cut off by his partner's laugh. The man sat in a blue fabric lawn chair. He wore a white tank top and blue jeans. His white hair was held in a ponytail just past his shoulders, and his white beard was down past his neckline. He held a long neck bottle in his right hand. "Jim? Is this your fucking idea of a joke." His blue eyes turned from the young officer to the one laughing in the shadows. James Jarvis was a thirty year veteran with the RCMP based out of Creston, British Columbia. His hair was a dyed light brown and he had a matching handlebar mustache. "I'm sorry, Norm. [Read more...]