There is someone across the street standing in the glowing snow. The snow glows in reflection of lights above. It glistens and shines from street and house made lights. The lights of the gods are covered over by a thick film of snow filled clouds. They shall remain until they empty themselves of this current snow fall. I would not see the figure across the street without the lights. Even with reflected Moonlight, unlikely. Only visible from the light of humans. Yet the figure stands there. Quietly, unassuming, not asking to be seen...seen, none the less. Waiting on some imaginary bus that never travels this road. In need of a driver to take him home. The figure wears a human made coat and human made shoes...he waits for a [Read more...]


Dead star light Dead star bright First dead star I see tonight I wish I may I wish I might Know who looked to you before your twilight All of those gorgeous dead stars in the sky. Considering the billions of years it took some of that light to get here, curious how many of them are still burning up there. This is one of those illusions that has proven to me that not all is as it seems. All is simply as it is perceived. Through these perceptions, we assume and claim to know facts that, in retrospect are simply made up fables. The world is flat. The galaxy and sun revolve around the Earth. There are stars in the night sky. On this last point...what is night? Who's sky? Ours, yes, but in some other part of the 'verse it is likely not [Read more...]


Drifting home tonight as the wind a flurries push me on my way. Sign ahead says Newmarket is ahead, but I'm not convinced that is where I want to go. The Moon is in hiding tonight. Considering how bright it was for Solstice, it probably needs to recharge. Took the dog out a week ago, and it seemed as though she was mimicking the sun. Perhaps it was flirting. She was showing her bright feathers to reinitiate the chase across the sky. It was wonderful feeling her light across my face. Feeling her looking...and I cannot decide if she looks up at us, or down upon us. Either way, we should give her a show to make her smile and grow even brighter in the night sky.

Theory of Displacement

Going to retread over something tonight. I have talked about this on previous blogs...before I *ahem* evolved and found WordPress. Evolution versus Creationism is the age old debate about the big bang or the forbidden fruit...God created Earth and Heaven or some freak cosmic accident. Were these the only two options, I would firmly see evolution as, easily, where we came from. However, I always have seen a third theory as one that could explain the possibility of both. We are not initially from here. I first heard this theory, probably fifteen years ago...and, for me, it potentially explains both the gap evolution cannot yet quite figure out as well as the story of Adam and Eve. Think about it. Caveman runs about, club in hand [Read more...]