Slicing Bacon

I'm debating changing my theme for this blog... Problem is that I have been in sales and marketing for 25 years now (yes, I'm that old)...though that did include five years part time as I finished high school in the retail variety of positions back in the late 1980s. Before you ask, back in early October I celebrated my 20th annual 21st birthday (aka...I'm 40).  I joke with my daughters that I ran out of fingers and toes when I turned 21 (20 fingers and toes...and I knew it was plus one other *ahem* digit elsewhere) Suffice to say, I began working retail, technically even earlier.  My parents owned a store that I would work at, back in 1983.  I would run cash and sweep on a Friday evening and weekends for them...also did some work on the [Read more...]

More Morning Wood

Hard to wake in a big empty bed. Always wake up thinking to roll over, go back to sleep and wake again when a goddess mystically appears for me to please. Do not get me wrong here...every guy has his typical guy moments. Whether gay, straight, priest or whatever, we would all be happy to awake finding our cock being those three suggestions, just would be a difference in whom would be doing the sucking. Point is we're all selfish, in one way or another. However, I am one who feels that...much as I enjoy that feeling, it should be more a reward of pleasing her first. Get her to her comfortably uncomfortable best orgasm and she will reward me ten fold...rinse and repeat. I could not, for example, succeed as a dom...unless I [Read more...]

Goddess of Winter

Sitting in my car awaiting my next appointment in the freezing cold. We have a high of -12 C (that's about 10 F)...yes, I said 'high'. Sipping warm coffee and it feels like a goddess' tongue during a deep kiss, exploring...tasting...a battle royale with my own tongue as its warmth fills my mouth first...but that warmth filtering down to the tips of my toes. I look out the window and am greeted by a rather curvy snow drift. That same goddess, gazing at me from her side...gorgeous smooth skin glistening as I follow the curves from her neck and bare shoulder...straight along her side, rising at the hip before continuing down her long bare leg to her feet stretched out. This goddess is a real woman, curving where she should and not trying to [Read more...]