Uncle Chris, Tell Us a Story

This blog was started with a title...first fucking mistake. Second...I've two beers in and just opened a bottle of wine...there will be booze...I'm on vacation O_o If all goes as planned, this blog entry could be the longest I've ever created...no, not in word length...just that I plan on it still being on the screen when I'm ready to take all of you to bed with me. "There were ten in the bed and the little one said MOVE OVER! MOVER OVER!" Kinky as that sounds...I suspect this bottle of wine may have me asleep and, though any goddess might be able to take advantage of me...please do...I won't be of much use by the time it is done. Mark:  One Hour What can I say?  16:00 EST...I slipped off, perhaps, an hour early from work and am [Read more...]

Trust Loss on Facebook

This post is addressed directly at my, alleged, Facebook friends. I just got a very frightening message on Facebook. Frightening in that, due to past relationships and the fact that I really didn't want to fight with anyone, I had this person blocked...and yet, somehow, they were able to send me a message.  Facebook security aside, and I will be taking it up with them...I suspect I know who has been speaking with this person...well, I have a group pegged...and as such, I will be addressing that. I haven't changed other than the fact that I am no longer doing anything with expectations.  I still write a bit of charged erotica which, according to said blocked person, has been declared 'pervy' by some...much as I always did on FB and MK [Read more...]


I have a few weaknesses, but one in particular gets me...the Kryptonite to my Man of Steel (metaphor only, not delusion)...the mojo sauce to my Austin Powers...the nuclear facility to my Lt. Drebin...the drag queen to my Cher... Boots. Tall black boots. The taller the better. The blacker the better. I can generally avoid double takes on almost any piece of woman's clothing...except boots. Don't get me wrong. The goddess makes the clothes look good, not the other way round, but boots are like a hook in the fish mouth ripping my head around to watch. Something I both hate and love. Let's get something straight. Women do not want to be viewed constantly for sex by guys. They deserve not to be viewed like this. Knowing my own [Read more...]

Hardcore Sex!

Just curious...again, this site provides states as to numbers of readers (not who they are)... How many people would wonder, were I to discuss how a goddess had a hard erection, in her hands...near her lips...ready to taste... How many would want to view such a post. How many would want to experience thoughts of how she would feel her clitoris brushed by the hardness of the gentleman's cock...how many would want to read of him devouring her clitoris before his drill like manhood penetrated her, alleged, gentle vagina... then again...I'm fucking Pagan...and, could take this particular point another direction...I'd like to fuck a Pagan... Pagans have that...ummm...je ne sais quoi... Give me a second or two to put the condom on before I [Read more...]

Final Cut

Watching a pretty creepy film this eve. Robin Williams in The Final Cut. Not a bad film.. I believe it was filmed in Vancouver as outside of Williams and Mira Sorvino, most of the cast is Canadian. Thought provoking, but not one if you want a happy ending. The film is about memories and implants that will allow people to have remembrance services from the memories of the one passed on. Not only, in this case, is Big Brother watching...the one they are watching has chosen to have this implant so they can share their memories with their loved ones. The dark side of all this starts with the protestors. Of course they have the usual suspects who wave signs stating how only God should see these memories...yell at the people and calling it [Read more...]