Toto…I Don’t Think We’re On Twitter Anymore

Lately I have been stretching the boundaries of my sphere, shall we say. This all started, roughly a year ago when I finally broke down and signed onto Twitter for the first time.  Thanks to BlackBerry technology, I am not certain I ever sign off of there anymore...I wake up in the middle of the night, flip my phone open and let the Tweets sing me back to sleep. Just in the fall I made a new friend on there, it seems...we'll call her Molly.  She stumbled on to my blog and, liking what she saw she dragged me to a site she runs called Just Kinky.  Cute site that seems to be in a growth mode.  Since I joined in late December, the membership has gone up by ten percent.  I take full responsibility for this, of course. *cough*BULLSHIT!*cough*. [Read more...]

Hobble De Ga Ga

That particular term, "Hobble De Ga Ga", was one I heard from a morning radio host of The Mix 99.9 Toronto named Rob Christie...ohhhh...let us say 1994 or there abouts. It was his generic radio morning-man censorship of the word "fucking". Rob Christie is now doing morning radio in Edmonton...not entirely sure what he did wrong to deserve the punishment of Edmonton, but at least he is still going. Anyhow, I digress. One of these days I would like to post a blog while in the throws of the hobble de ga ga.  Then again, who wouldn't?...well, perhaps with the exception of those that do not blog.  As for those that don't blog, I agree with George Bush Sr.'s take on them: No, I don't know that atheists should be regarded as citizens, nor should [Read more...]