Snowmaggedon…What a Guy

I wonder if home insurance would cover a hypothermia accident caused by frolicking in the snow? This morning is absolutely gorgeous out here. The Sun Goddess is high in the southeast sky above Toronto and, if I am not careful, I could end up with a sunburn today. Snowmaggedon, however, was a typical guy. Big promises...blew his load early...fell asleep and slipped away to return to his wife in the middle of the night. A real snowstorm of "Biblical proportions", as some were predicting this to be, would shut Toronto down for a few days. Snowmaggedon was a bit of a joke...but the heart of the storm was pretty severe. I walked to the post office during it and that was difficult. I do not blame people for staying home [Read more...]

Biggest Snowfall of the Winter

Are the hatches battened? Is the fire stoked? Did you stock up on condoms? This is where society usually fails...that third question. Here, in the Toronto area, they are calling for anywhere from 20-40 cms of snow...for our imperialistic Yankee friends, that's about 8-16 inches. This is not the 30" the NYC was recently blasted with, but this year has been snowbound. Remember two things about Toronto. First off, we are nearly as far south as Rome and Northern California. Second, thanks to that lovely lady known as Lake Ontario, big storms are not the norm and are usually deflected south to attack Buffalo and Rochester, New York. Toronto was not built with major snow removal in mind...this is not Saskatchewan. I'm sorry, I digress. I [Read more...]

City Blog

Feels like I have traded my independence for security once again...and didn't even get any draft picks with it. "The sadder but wiser girl's the girl for me..." - Prof. Harold Hill, The Music Man (watching the Disney version with Matthew Broderick) My girls and I have spent the weekend at my folks place in the city. My folks are away, so we are on our own. This weekend, however, has reminded me some of the things I miss about the city. I have been living the rural life in horse country for eighteen months now. I do love the quiet of a town of 800 compared to a city of five million. I do enjoy the animals and the views that it offers. I do not enjoy, however, having to hide my own spiritual beliefs for fear of the predominate Christian [Read more...]