Theory of Displacement

Going to retread over something tonight. I have talked about this on previous blogs...before I *ahem* evolved and found WordPress. Evolution versus Creationism is the age old debate about the big bang or the forbidden fruit...God created Earth and Heaven or some freak cosmic accident. Were these the only two options, I would firmly see evolution as, easily, where we came from. However, I always have seen a third theory as one that could explain the possibility of both. We are not initially from here. I first heard this theory, probably fifteen years ago...and, for me, it potentially explains both the gap evolution cannot yet quite figure out as well as the story of Adam and Eve. Think about it. Caveman runs about, club in hand [Read more...]


Was not going to be online today, but I am sitting alone with the Doberman in the car as my date for the day has gone into the barn to check on her horse. The Doberman is not happy. I am feeling much better. Still have to cold but this morning is the first time in four days I have felt well enough to go out. Called my kids this morning and they got flooded with gifts (as predicted) by their mother. That's only the beginning as they will be off to their her parents later today as well. That type of excess that they are going through today always bothers me. Not much I can do from here. I guess this is the punishment for picking badly on relationships. I miss my kids something awful this morn...but I am scared to think of the mess I would [Read more...]

Foos and Macs

It is 23:45 and I'm waiting for my meds to kick in. Thanks to a cold or something I picked up at the office on Monday, just was not in a writing mood at all today. Back on my horse tomorrow, though... Or as my old fav cliche goes, save a horse, ride a cowboy. A little too cold for my cowboy hat at the moment, but the stallion Percheron and other five horses in the barn will appreciate the break. Tonight's sleep music is a mix between Fleetwood Mac's Behind the Mask...the one were they replaced the stoned Lindsay Buckingham with two guitar players...and the Foo Fighters' In Your Honor (note, the missing 'u'), Disc 2. Fleetwood Mac has this uncanny knack for song writing. With or without Buckingham, everything they did grows on me if I [Read more...]

All I Want for Christmas is for Her Not to Spit

Women spitting is...well...un-goddess-like. Now, quick disclaimer...I'm four beer, strong beer (call the 7.5%) into a bender and enjoying anything you read after this particular line, take with a grain of salt. Whether it be after a baseball game and she is trying to show that she can be one of the boys...or after a blow job and she is trying to get the taste out of her is un-lady-like. This is the reason I like to eat as much asparagus as I can get my hands on.  I hear that that makes the taste...yes, that taste...better.  Well, for the good that does me. Apparently, women have this thing about the taste of semen.  If it doesn't taste good enough, they spit it out...I would say something to the effect of "wimps", but [Read more...]

Slicing Bacon

I'm debating changing my theme for this blog... Problem is that I have been in sales and marketing for 25 years now (yes, I'm that old)...though that did include five years part time as I finished high school in the retail variety of positions back in the late 1980s. Before you ask, back in early October I celebrated my 20th annual 21st birthday (aka...I'm 40).  I joke with my daughters that I ran out of fingers and toes when I turned 21 (20 fingers and toes...and I knew it was plus one other *ahem* digit elsewhere) Suffice to say, I began working retail, technically even earlier.  My parents owned a store that I would work at, back in 1983.  I would run cash and sweep on a Friday evening and weekends for them...also did some work on the [Read more...]