Tonight there is a craving. A craving to please a goddess. To bring her to that point... You know that point... Where the first orgasm is the stuff legends are made of and ballads are written about. The type that sends her into screaming pleasurable convulsions that sends shivers down every woman's spine in a two kilometre radius as they sense it. The type of orgasm that she will probably be thankful she is already lying down as, if she isn't, she'll be on the floor shortly drooling. The type of orgasm that, three months later, she still has trouble walking. The type of orgasm that she will have to bite her tongue when her daughter mentions her granddaughter didn't come home until morning...biting her tongue not top avoid scolding, [Read more...]

Cancer Man

Almost went an entire day without a post...what's up with that? My mood has been a bit odd today...a good mood, but different than my norm.  Outside of shoveling snow, I was lucky to get anything done at all after getting home today...came damned close to letting the Doberman do his business in the kitchen for lack of want to let him out. This is not unusual...not often I get this lackadaisical mood, but on occasion...the dude says as he eats bacon off a tiny plate with no side dishes...well, may make popcorn and watch another X-File episode later. A bit interesting as I am about half way into season four of the X-Files...let's call it the heart of the series.  The writing was brilliant at this point...and very funny.  One thing the [Read more...]

Goddess of Winter

Sitting in my car awaiting my next appointment in the freezing cold. We have a high of -12 C (that's about 10 F)...yes, I said 'high'. Sipping warm coffee and it feels like a goddess' tongue during a deep kiss, exploring...tasting...a battle royale with my own tongue as its warmth fills my mouth first...but that warmth filtering down to the tips of my toes. I look out the window and am greeted by a rather curvy snow drift. That same goddess, gazing at me from her side...gorgeous smooth skin glistening as I follow the curves from her neck and bare shoulder...straight along her side, rising at the hip before continuing down her long bare leg to her feet stretched out. This goddess is a real woman, curving where she should and not trying to [Read more...]

Whoops…I Should Have Stayed Home

It's beginning to look a lot like a snow in...but not today. We got a good dumping, but not that much. I'm sitting here in my idling car waiting for things to melt. Have to give it a few minutes to get the oil going, but I'm also being lazy about brushing off...partially because I'm not sure where my brush is. Besides, after two days at the Christmas tree farm, I don't want to wear boots today. My ankles feel like the Doberman was gnawing on them all night. I'm starting late this morning. Decided with this snow that I would wait until the traffic rush had ended...luckily, I only have a couple of afternoon appointments. Confused by my Twitter friends this morning, but that's hardly new. Between wishful thinking that I try to avoid and my [Read more...]

Christmas Trees

Spent a day working in the parking lot at a Christmas tree farm today. In essence, parking cars and avoiding grid lock as best we can. By 'we' there were five of us spread across three parking lots (aka lawns) at the farm. Only got sworn at once as I had a yahoo decide that I shouldn't tap his fucking car...too which I responded, with all due respect, had he checked his mirrors I would not have had to. An interesting expose, that is for certain. You can tell the city-folk in that they always forget something...saw...perhaps twine...gloves. Plus a few who have an attitude about those they see as country bumpkins, like said buddy who is anti-mirror. Then there are the country folk. They might drive a truck or SUV, but it isn't over [Read more...]

Bashing Americans And All That Jazz

I may lose half my Twitter followers over this one, but I'm particularly tired of the general American attitude again...I have some American friends and they know this is more about certain prevailing attitudes and not them... Good thing they have phones to call each other and complain about my Graham Bell was Scottish-Canadian... Well, they can all pick up their Blackberry, the manufacturer is Canadian as well...hmmm Alright...they can play basketball and listen to "American Woman" by the Guess Who...fuck...James Naismith, basketball inventor was Canadian born, eh?...and the Guess Who are good Canadian boys as well... Okay...nothing is American as apple pie, right?...except that the [Read more...]

Union Dismissal

This morning, I was discussing my dislike of unions.  I actually posted a Tweet about how union is a four letter word...with a fifth letter making triple time OT and on a smoke break. Oddly enough, the person discussing it with me struck me as pro union and the minute I mentioned the National Football League as the perfect example of a union with too much power...she claimed my argument silly and dismissed me for knowing nothing. First, I would love to have her tell the players of the NFL that their union doesn't matter...I would enjoy taking pictures of that little exchange as she was politely explained to about how serious of a union they thought it was. It was, however, the perfect example of a pendulum swung too far in the union's [Read more...]