Trapped On High

The dog is trapped at the top of the stairs...seriously. This older black Doberman has made a habit of sliding or falling down them. He now only goes down when someone is with him...I don't know, perhaps he thinks they'll be softer to land on if he tumbles again. Admittedly, being an older farmhouse, the stairs are a good rake and, being uncarpeted, he does not have much grip on white paint. However, everyday he still climbs them. He returns to his perch above and lays at the top. Then the whining starts..."Help me, I want down!" Then I will go to the top. Lightly hold his collar and the two of us will make our way back to the ground. For the record, I only hold his collar with the purpose of him feeling my hand...I'm not griping and [Read more...]

Spam of the Attention Whore

We all want to be seen. I'm as guilty of attention whoring as anyone. We log into these social networking programs and then our ego starts to inflate as people pay attention.  We digitally wave our arms and yell until someone gives us some attention...and now we're all addicted. This addiction has given companies a chance to focus marketing on us...the watch every keystroke we make...every time we click the mouse...and they pay attention so that they can sell...Sell...SELL! A bit of a paradox in that they are taking advantage of our mutual addiction in order to do this...also that we have to pay for them to allow us access to this. I, for one, don't recall the last day I did not log into either Facebook or Twitter.  Even when I didn't [Read more...]

Why Couldn’t It Have Been OJ?

Seems ironic to me, after my "Nice Beaver" post yesterday that I must say this today: RIP Leslie Nielsen As I have said before, I am not a celebrity watcher. I do not worry about what Bradgelina are doing with the army they are currently raising before looking at how my kids are raised. However, today I add a fifth to my list of deceased celebrities that affected me. The list, until yesterday: Douglas Adams George Carlin Robert Palmer John Ritter I lean towards those with a sense of humour. Neilsen, on my list does hold the distinction of being the lone Canadian so far. Originally from Saskatchewan, Neilsen was 84. Leslie...thank you for making me laugh and think...not sure anyone outside of Canada might have seen some of your [Read more...]

Suggested Viewing

"Earth that was could no longer sustain our numbers...we were so many..." - Teacher, Serenity I've decided to share a few of my favourites. Over the past five years I've shared tidbits, but now something more direct. Tonight, I'm going to take you all back in time. To a time when I still watched regular television. A Friday evening in late September, 2002. Joss Whedon's newest show, Firefly debuted that evening. A show about a little transport ship crossing the Verse looking for work. Captain Malcolm Reynolds and the eight other crew on the good ship Serenity, Firefly Class. At the time, Firefly was one of the best written shows no one watched. As no one watched, they did thirteen episodes before it was cancelled. A space based show [Read more...]