Hardcore Sex!

Just curious...again, this site provides states as to numbers of readers (not who they are)... How many people would wonder, were I to discuss how a goddess had a hard erection, in her hands...near her lips...ready to taste... How many would want to view such a post. How many would want to experience thoughts of how she would feel her clitoris brushed by the hardness of the gentleman's cock...how many would want to read of him devouring her clitoris before his drill like manhood penetrated her, alleged, gentle vagina... then again...I'm fucking Pagan...and, could take this particular point another direction...I'd like to fuck a Pagan... Pagans have that...ummm...je ne sais quoi... Give me a second or two to put the condom on before I [Read more...]


I'm losing my hearing. This is literal, and no joke. I'd blame the loud music I listened to, but seems to be a family trait from my Irish mother's side.  Her parents and two of her four siblings have all had hearing aids...still do in the case of the siblings. Yet, I sit here tonight, with good old Chicago (band...not city, nor musical) blaring over my PC speakers.  Currently running through one of their less than rock tunes...a song call "We Can Last Forever"...but the current pop culture does not have much better than this...and that scares me to my very being. Now, before I continue, I promised one blog post per day...this will be my third...if you have a problem with it...FUCK YOU! Now back to our regularly scheduled blog... I [Read more...]

Final Cut

Watching a pretty creepy film this eve. Robin Williams in The Final Cut. Not a bad film.. I believe it was filmed in Vancouver as outside of Williams and Mira Sorvino, most of the cast is Canadian. Thought provoking, but not one if you want a happy ending. The film is about memories and implants that will allow people to have remembrance services from the memories of the one passed on. Not only, in this case, is Big Brother watching...the one they are watching has chosen to have this implant so they can share their memories with their loved ones. The dark side of all this starts with the protestors. Of course they have the usual suspects who wave signs stating how only God should see these memories...yell at the people and calling it [Read more...]

Sexy Paranoia

I've been listening to talk radio over the last two hours of my drive and have finally come to a conclusion. Talk radio makes you paranoid. Of course it is their job to get listeners...and guess this shouldn't surprise me on how they do it...I've been listening long enough. My morning usually starts on Toronto AM 640 listening to John Oakley...a guy with big intellect and big wit. Then, depending on mood, I either flip to Colin Cowherd from ESPN sports or Stephanie Miller with her comedy/left wing slant...and though she calls herself Liberal, I don't agree with that at all. Then, comes lunch. Depending on my level of self loathing, I will flip between Jim Rome's Jungle and sports, Ed Schultz's America Talks, Charles Adler again on [Read more...]