Review of Ashley Lister’s “Raven and Skull”

"Tell us about a time you nearly died, Tony." I met Ashley Lister at Eroticon 2014 in Bristol, UK. He was giving a lecture on using the basics of Joseph Campbell's "Hero's Journey" in romance and erotic writing. I was one of the faceless attendees that day and, as Mrs. Stranded and I often joke, the only one in the room with no accent. That Lister was hitting on the Campbell note, the same note that inspired one named Lucas to write "Star Wars", was one of the highlights of the conference for me. "Raven and Skull" is the first chance I have finally had to read one of Lister's work. Having been part of the conference at Eroticon, finding Lister writing in the horror realms was surprising. Honestly, I expected romance or [Read more...]

Violent Love by P. Monroe – Guest Post

Warning: this book contains hardcore bdsm, violence, anal sex and dubious consent. Intended only for readers 18 or older. If such content disturbs you, please don't buy this book. (But if you're like me and look for these warnings as an indication of what you're looking for, you have definitely come to the right place;) Cogan Since I was fourteen I've known what it is to be obsessed. I've spent my life breathing because of her. She's in my blood, my cells, my DNA. Nothing will stop me from claiming her. Not my pedo father, or her whore of a mother, not their sick employers. No one. Not even the society we live in and their stupid rules. I only follow mine, after all. Nothing stops me from getting what I want. And, once she turns nineteen? [Read more...]