Au Revoir to Wanton Wednesday

So, on this final Wanton Wednesday, I am two fingers deep into a glass of Canadian Club “Classic”…whatever the fuck that means.  Apparently this stuff is aged a year longer than my 11-year old daughter.  Also, one might call this something of a “Blogoversary” as I have been writing here for 18 months on this site now…almost 570 posts in …

Crop Circles

“You’re not going to hurt me, are you?” Steph allowed the riding crop to trail along the side of his body as she slowly walked around the bed.  The click of her boot heels on the cement floor echoed and her fishnet stockings gave a slight swoosh with every step.  Her little black dress was shiny and black PVC that …

Faith on Wheels

“Do you have faith, my children?” A few scattered “Amen”s came from the pews. He said, again, but raising his hands and then his voice to a tenor’s A-flat on the last word, “I said, do you have faith?” More response this time as the morning sun bathed the room in an array of colours from the stained glass windows. …

Cycles of Pleasure

The tide comes in…the tide comes out… She breathes in…she breathes out… All is calm and well at this point.  All is serene in its normality of existence, all is peaceful in its reality. …until the storm hits. It begins with the winds starting to whip up around her ears, blowing the trees a little more fiercely as it picks …

Concubines of a King

“This must be Thursday.  I never could get the hang of Thursdays,” Potsy whispered to himself.  He glanced at both of the lightly snoring women snuggled up against him. He could only see the brunette curls of Lilly, who’s head rested on his right hip, and light breath could be felt on his nakedness.  Gem’s red hair fanned out on the …

I Am Her Captain

My ship will take me to places on this bawdy planet beyond the imagination that most can fathom. Until one has experienced the blue, it cannot be described properly.

Until one has been out with no land nor cloud in sight.  No wind to drive.  The heat almost pulls the crew to pieces as they break out the oars in order to bring the lady on her way and keep moving before the stagnation drives them all mad with cabin fever.

Until one has felt the angry wind and watched the bosom of her sails billow out above, pulling her passion and carrying those aboard on their way.  Careful control of her direction and sails will have the crew to their destination in short time.

Until one has watched the bathing of the land and churning of the sea during a great storm.  Feeling her creaks and moans as she cries out while the waves lick at her rudder and the pilot caresses her helm.  She can either be left in a mass of splinters and even pull some of those riding to the depths, or she can accelerate beyond the speed of passion again and again.

She will travel the blue across the Earth in search of what her Captain requests.  No rest unless the Captain allows.

She will kneel quietly awaiting her orders.  All other glances will be ignored until her Captain calls upon her once again.

She will answer the Captain’s every whim and desire, so long as the Captain respects her…loves her…and remembers that without her, the Captain would be nothing.  The Captain would either be pulled to the bottom as she sank, or left on a secluded beach with a bottle of rum and a single shot pistol as another Captain takes her from him.

This Captain may have other whims and interests, but the true passion is only brought about while atop her deck and riding the blue towards a horizon of this flat world.

I am her Captain, and she will go over that edge with me unquestioningly, never quite knowing what will happen when the Captain takes his lady over the edge.