Everywhere I’ve gone today has involved detours. A road closed here…construction over there…

They say that this is a sign of the bad economy as money is afforded to help kick start these projects. These projects have gotten to the point of beyond annoying. Someone has to turn off the faucet before traffic grinds to a halt. I mean, the economy is important, but when this starts to cost on the side of public frustration…

Luckily, being I drive 300 kms a day around these here parts…I know most of the short cuts and can get off the clogged highways and still get to my destination in a resonable time.

This morning, however, I did take a wrong turn. Usually trust my instincts on these things but it does happen occasionally. That one dump truck that, at first I couldn’t get past and then, just for shits and giggles, he stops and puts his four ways on with me stuck behind him as he gets out to wander across to Tim Hortons for a coffee.

Can’t always predict those moments even with a decent GPS.
I suppose I should be thankful in the sense that I will have fun playing with my kids tonight while that yahoo will still be on the highway somewhere trying to cut off another driver for his coffee.

So that leaves one question…how much of this post is metaphor?

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