“We must never feel sorry for ourselves…no matter how bad things get, they can always get worse.” – The Baroness, Ever After

Nothing like a bright eyed optimistic view on a Saturday morning.

‘Worse’ is, of course, a moving target. Part of why cheap Chinese imports are killing manufacturing in North America as workers there don’t ‘know better’ or, in North America our workers expect too much.

One does not see themselves as repressed if one is happy. Happiness, however, does tend to thrive in blissful ignorance…it does say something about blind faith which sprouts from a similar vine.

When one goes godless, one never goes back. Ignorance is no longer an option, once educated, without either delusion or severe amounts of halucinatories.

Education does tone down the level happiness. However, then the education becomes the driving point of it. Then one starts to live to learn…to feel their thirst quenched by more understanding. Blissful ignorance may spike happiness, but knowledge does not kill it.

It is like the different love affairs. The ignorance is a flare up. Very fast and very easy, but is the one night stand that will not last. Faith in the unprovable will bring happiness and joy in the short term…quick, powerful and intoxicating…but it cannot last in that form. It either becomes too hot, or snuffs out.

The knowledge is more like the slow burn. It can begin as a one night stand but it evolves. The flame lowers, but does not snuff out. It provides less warmth, but lasts.

Either way, orgasms are important.

Damn…and this fucking post seemed so serious until then.

“Alright…who are you and what have you done with our son?” – King, Ever After

The problem is when these two groups…the blissfully ignorant and the educated…see themselves as better than the other. We need both…sheep and shepherds. Designers and drones.

There have been many charletons, through the years, that are able to take advantage of the sheep’s willingness to blindly follow the new shiny things and words.

Even the educated can be fascinated by shiny things…and sometimes this distracts them from future education. Or, in blissful eyes…they are ‘born again’…gods help them.

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