Hiyo Silver!

My hands are still near frozen from this morning’s events…only so much blowing on them one can do before the fingers dry up and fall off…

Have some pictures I’ll be posting on Facebook in a bit…no…no nudes…not this time…unless you count a horse as nude when it isn’t wearing pants.  Speaking of which, she did scream at a couple of stallions on the parade route…not so much in a ‘come hither’ way, but more in a ‘don’t you come any closer you dumb fuck!’ way.

Each horse has their own goofy personality…this particular mare is the oldest we’ve got in the barn…she’s 16.  I believe she has 8 foals out there somewhere…one who is with us that is just six months old.  One thing I have learned over the past year is how fast these beasties grow as that six month old pony is huge.  Not as big as her mother, but getting there.

She’s got that ‘get the fuck away’ back kick going as well.  Quite impressive unless those hooves are connecting with your noggin, in which case…assuming you remember the incident later…is not quite as impressive.

The only thing I cannot yet fathom about the horses is how they can just stand there…for hours.  As I’ve said, six in the barn…four mares, two stallions.  Due to the one stallion being only five months old, he still goes out with the mares.  The thing is, they alternate days.  Mares one day, stallion the next…meaning they sit in these small pens all day, staring out the windows with nothing to do…although, we have one three year old mare that, I swear, makes eyes at the cattle out in the back forty.

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