Turn About in the Sand

“Damn!” Cliff finished his ice cream cone just as he spotted the drips on his red sweater. Licking the tip of his thumb, he brushed at it trying to get it off his large belly.

He walked along the path watching the people. Compared to most, he was over dressed. The arm pit sweat stains grew by the second.

The splash of water hit the beach just south over his right shoulder. Children giggled as they had their first chance of the spring to play.

A brunette in hot red shorts sped past him on roller skates. Her pale skin winked at him from under her white halter top.

“Too skinny,” Cliff whispered. “That can’t be healthy.”

He saw a shock of red hair over his right shoulder before he felt her run into the back of him. The female scream made him jump and stopped the brunette ahead.

Cliff turned and saw the redhead on the ground behind him. Her legs splayed out and a trickle of blood slipped from her skinned knee.

“I’m sorry,” Cliff said as he knelt.

She laughed. “I’m so sorry. Did I hurt you?”

Cliff shook his head, unable to unlock his gaze from her green eyes. Her red hair was long, with some grey streaks.

She propped herself up on her arms. “I am such a klutz. First day of spring and…”

“Kristy! Are you okay?” The skinny brunette’s voice was a high squeal.

Kristy nodded.

Cliff pulled a tissue from his pockets hidden under his belly. “Can I help!?” He laid the tissue on her bloodied knee.

Kristy took the tissue and dabbed at her knee poking out from her long black shorts. Her legs were well muscled. Her pink top hid a very slight belly roll.

Cliff’s mind screamed the word ‘Milf’ and he could not help but lick his lips.

The brunette rolled behind and pulled the backpack on Kristy’s back open. She produced two pairs of white sneakers. She laid one pair beside Kristy before sitting on the pavement and unlacing her own skates.

Kristy smiled. “Thanks, Meg.” Her eyes glowed at him. “And thank you, kind sir.”

“Cliff, just Cliff.”

The surrounding beach fell silent.

Meg grinned at him from behind Kristy, “Well, Just Cliff, I think we should say thank you properly.”

The two women stood and pulled Cliff up. Leading him over to a bench close by, they push him down to sit.

Both women knelt in front of him.

Kristy smiled as her hand found his pant zipper. “You don’t mind, do you?”

Cliff, eyes wide, shook his head. A seagull cawed in the distance on the empty beach.

Kristy unbuckled and unzipped him.

Meg slipped her hand into his boxers and found a surprise that had her grin grow into a smile. “Good thing I’m hungry,” she said. She pulled his cock out.

Kristy gasped, “He’s bigger than David.”

Meg agreed, “I know.”

Cliff slid forward on the bench so the women could slip his boxers down. They fell to his pants at his ankles. He watched as each woman lay a tongue on either side of his erection and treated it like their own ice cream cone.

He closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation as the new sun warmth beamed onto his face. He listened to their cooing approval of taste.

He opened his eyes to see Kristy brush her red hair from her eyes as she sucked hard on the tip and Meg lapping at his balls.

Megan grinned up at him. “Can I fuck it?”

Cliff nodded. “How could I refuse?”

Kristy pulled him out of her mouth. “Leave some for me.”

Meg and Kristy kissed deeply.

Meg stood and stripped her red shorts off her petite skinny body. She straddled Cliff and reached between her legs.

Kristy still held his erection. “Uhuh, darlin’. That’s my job.”

Kristy’s hand guided him inside of Meg. He gasped at how tight she was. She was so light he grasped her ass lightly for fear of breaking her. One hand lifted and gently stroked the small of her back.

He closed his eyes again and enjoyed the friction and sound of her moaning. The moaning quickly became screaming as she treated him like her bronco before she collapsed in a heap on top of him. He lifted her off him, like a feather.

“Your turn, m’lady,” he said to Kristy.

She did not need to be asked twice as he became her bare back ride as well. She launched herself on him and rode as the sun set.

Meg, back on her knees, leaned in and gave him the most interesting sensation as he deeply impaled Lady Kristy while feeling a faerie’s tongue dance about his balls.

He exploded inside of Kristy, just as her screams hit fever pitch. She collapsed with her head on his shoulder as the two panted together.

“Meg? Can we keep him?”

A child giggling snapped him back to reality.

Kristy smiled. “Thanks, Meg.” Her eyes glowed at him. “And thank you, kind sir.”

“Cliff, just Cliff.”

“Well, Just Cliff,” Kristy spoke through a giggle. “Guess I’m not wearing the skirt to my boyfriend’s party tonight.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Stop. I’m the klutz.”

Meg joined in, “And, for once, you didn’t run into an asshole.” She smiled at him. “I’m Meg, and this is my sister, Kristy.”

Cliff shook both of their hands and helped them to their feet.

“Well, if you are alright, I really should get back to my office.” Cliff started to turn.

“Wait.” Meg pulled a pen and a business card out of the back pack. She quickly scribbled something on it. “Maybe this is too forward but…” She handed him the card.

He stared at it, unsure of what to do.

“Call me?” Meg lifted to her tip toes and kissed his cheek.

Kristy bent down to kiss his other cheek. “Thank you again, Just Cliff.”

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