Path to Survival

There seems to be no sun today.

I sit on my couch, sniffing and sneezing and staring out at the snow covered yards.

Gun metal grey clouds above the barren street today. A car or truck passes every now and again as they dance towards there destination.

Everyone has somewhere to go…something to do. There are no destinations anymore. Only resting points between trips to the next resting point.

They all hurry on with the theory that their destination is more important than yours. Their purpose trumps yours…makes yours unworthy.

With more money…a faster car…more things…we gain the appearance of being happy. But what have we lost?

“Lost a planet, Master Kenobi has…how embarrassing.”
– Yoda, Attack of the Clones

Generally I subscribe to economic right wing policies for those that can…and though I believe we should help those that cannot, I have no sympathy for those that won’t. I truly believe that one must pay your own way.

What we have lost, however, is the way…the path.

Does anyone believe that working 50 to 60 hours a week, 50 weeks a year for 45 to 60 years is the path to happiness? Or is this simply the path to surviving long enough until the system feels sorry for us and is willing to take us under its proverbial wing with pensions and health care.

The only time we are allowed to deviate from this path is when we are ill…and even that deviation is limited in its scope.

So I sit here, stuck on my couch, watching the wheels go round and round.

Imagine if the wheels stopped…or at least slowed down…it isn’t hard to do.


    1. As always, thank you. A little perspective…as I was writing this I was sitting ill on my couch and coming to the terms that this illness is making me lose a weekend with my youngest daughter…and yet I’ve missed no work. This is more unfortunate timing than anything else, but go me thinking about priorities a bit.

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