Off the Reservation

I am going off the reservation a bit today. No erotica, no politics, no religion.

I wrote this wonderful blog entry, in fact, about which NFL franchises should move to Los Angeles. I was almost finished.

Then I did my usual edit by going back to read it over and I suddenly realized how bored I was with it.

I still like the game…and I am talking American style football. In fact, I will take this as a comment more on sports in general as I think this now also fits hockey for me. I have always had this fascination with the politics and business side of pro sports, and that is still there.

However, I suddenly find no interest in commenting on it. I think I have lost my passion for it.

I have not had a regular television connection for almost nine months now. I still have my net that I call upon, but the difference is that I seem to have turned off the hype of it.

This past fall, I watched one hockey game, and sat through one Monday night football game. I had trouble sitting through the football game.

Hockey is a bit different. When you watch a hockey game, you watch an hour of action. Football, however, recently had a study done about it by a university…though it has 60 minutes of ‘official’ game time, there is an average of 11 minutes of action.

Hockey I would compare to soccer. I enjoy soccer during the World Cup…and have thought about if it would be something I should pay more attention to outside of the World Cup.

Anyhow, this is just an odd observation. After being a fan for thirty years, between attitude of players and over hyped marketing, I think I am on the verge of giving up on the NFL.

I will not give up on the game, mind you…but I think the one thing the NFL could learn from the NHL, or even the CFL, is how to lose the attitude of players (see Terrell Owens), management (see Rex Ryan) and owners (see Jerry Jones).. That attitude, at least for me, has taken me out of the game.

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