Turn About and the Brain

“This can’t be happening.”

Cliff could only hear his own voice echoing in his head as the music bleated out any other sound. Currently the DJ was sharing a golden oldie of GnR welcoming people to the jungle at full volume. The strobes showed people bumping and grinding on the dance floor.

He had expected they would get back to the hotel by now, but Mrs. Philips, Shannon, wanted to play. She had suggested this retro club after dinner.

They had a drink, they danced and they laughed at the memories the music brought back.

Now, Cliff stood with his back rigid against the wall and behind some booths. His red sweater flashing with the strobe, he looked down at Shannon, on her knees and with his erection in her mouth.

She seemed oblivious to what was going on around her as her tongue danced with his penis, now to Nine Inch Nails biting the hand that feeds them.

Cliff’s mind briefly sidetracked thinking the song inappropriate, but enjoyed the sensation. The strobe made her head and hands appear in stop motion as she continued.

Cliff had fantasized of this many times…well, part of this. He had never had a woman take him while on her knees and he stood. The club part was fun, but just a bit of a distraction.

A gentleman walked past them and smiled at Cliff showing his approval.

The music changed again to Danko Jones making a lover call…much more appropriate.

The strobe continued to dance as Shannon released the hostage from her mouth and stood. Hand still wrapped around it, she whisper-yelled in his ear, “Let’s get to your hotel.”

He zipped back up and quickly helped her into her coat. Rush and Geddy Lee were rolling bones as they escaped the onslaught of beat.

Her car was in an underground lot and was quickly moving out into the near empty snow cleared streets. As she hit the highway, her hand was at his crotch and unzipping him again.

“I can’t resist,” she giggled with one hand on the wheel and one grasping him.

“I’m not objecting.” Cliff let a slow breath out. He was amazed he had not cum at the club.

Ten minutes later, she eased the car into the hotel parking lot. She shifted the gear to park and turned the car off without releasing. “Just give me a second.”

Shannon plucked her mobile off the dashboard holder and hit speed dial. “Hi, hun…alright, looks like meetings right through until Sunday…” Her grasp of Cliff’s penis tightened.

Cliff reached over and lightly touched her neck.

She smiled at him as she continued speaking into the phone. “Maggie went to sleep okay?…good…well, it was a long day, so I better hit the sack…love you, too…”

Cliff cringed as he believed the last part was a lie.

She hung up the phone and released him. “I want that when we get in there, but put it away for now as we don’t want you getting arrested.”

They both laughed as Cliff zipped himself up again. He jumped out and pulled her suitcase from the trunk.

The cold night are provided crisp stars above as they crossed the parking lot.
Cliff scanned his card to allow them inside the back door of the hotel. Up the elevator and two doors down the hall, he scanned the card again.

He lay her suitcase on the dresser beside the television. He took her coat from her and hung it up. His was hung beside it shortly after.

She stood awaiting his instructions. He lightly took her shoulders and pushed her against the wall beside the bed. He locked his tongue with hers. Parting, he whispered four words that surprised even him, “Now, on your knees.”

Shannon obeyed without question. She helped herself, removing his belt and unbuckling his pants. The zipper slid down with a seductive slither. Her hands grasped him, once again. She glanced up at him. “May I?”

“Yes,” his answer was slow and low.

Her tongue slipped from her mouth and first tapped one the tip of him, before circling the head. She ran it down the side, nipping his shaft with her teeth. Her tongue and teeth also found his balls.

His first orgasm of the evening disappeared down her throat. Not a single drop leaked out as he spasmed deep in her mouth.

Shannon stood, licking her lips.

Cliff grasped her hips and pushed her on the bed. He slipped his sweater off and stepped out of his pants before kneeling between her legs. Pushing her skirt up, he ran his mouth up along her stocking to the top. His lips pushed hard against her black panties when he got there.

He pulled away and, forceably flipped her over. Her skirt unzipped easily at the back and he slipped it and her panties off. She was left in her blouse and stockings.

With her still on her belly, he pushed her legs apart and found her pussy with no barrier this time. He lapped her lips until juices nearly flowed from her.
Soon Shannon was wailing and kicking as his tongue and fingers worked to bring her an orgasm. Her feet kicked lightly as waves took her.

Cliff stopped to allow her to catch her breath. After a moment, he flipped her back over and unbuttoned her shirt. Her bra was also gone without much effort. He then pushed his recharged cock into her.

Her small legs could not reach around them, but she hooked her knees on his hips. She squeezed trying to pull him deeper.

He pumped, slowly at first, and then harder and faster. He straightened himself up and pulled her legs so that her ankles rested on his shoulders…and he pushed deeper into her.

Shannon wailed and her nails dug into his sides as he exploded inside of her. Another first for Cliff, as he had never cum at the same time as a lover.

He collapsed and fell beside her as they both tried to catch their breath.

She rolled over, snuggled up against him and kissed his chest. “So, Brain, what are we gonna do tomorrow night?”

Cliff chuckled. “The same thing we do every night, Pinky…”

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