Dennis and Polly on Parade

Dennis felt the leash tug.

He had slowed to look out the window as they continued. Stars passed by at a near palpable speed. “This isn’t right,” he whispered.

One of the dobermans growled at him as it watched over its shoulder.

“Silence!” The goddess reminded him. She reached into her long black coat and pressed something.

Dennis almost collapsed from the shock rocketing through him. He doubled over but was able to keep walking. It took a second before he realized it had come from the ring on his cock that was leashed to the goddess’ hand. He straightened back up and his gaze returned to the starlight streaking past.

The remainder of the walk was in silence. Still flanked by the two dobermans, she led to another door. She stopped and turned to Dennis. A quick breath before she started her instructions, “Eyes down at all times unless eye contact is invited. No speaking unless in answer to a question asked by my master or mistress.” Her free hand lightly grasped the tip of his erection and stroked. “Do not make me hurt you again.”

She started to turn and had a second thought. Giving his penis one last gentle squeeze, she added, “If you do this right, you will sleep in my bed.”

Completely befuddled, Dennis gave her a quick nod.

Her eyes dipped as a reminder.

Catching her inference, his eyes dropped to her gorgeous hip high black boots. “Oh yeah,” he thought. “This is gonna work.”

She turned back and passed her free hand over a panel beside the door. It first illuminated in red and then quickly green. Three quick beeps and the door slid open.

Dennis did his best to keep his eyes down as they entered what he believed to be a command centre. Computer screens were everywhere. A large window straight ahead offered stars looking much like they would if he were sitting with Chewbacca on the bridge of the Millennium Falcon.

Speaking of the fictional Wookie, Dennis started to get glimpses of the figures around the room. Most were seated at the computer terminals and a few walked around. He guessed only a handful of the twenty or so were human. From the flashes he had of some, he had no idea what most of them were.

“This him?”

The male voice was very deep and came from directly behind Dennis. Again, in his peripheral he saw the figure stepping around him. Human legs covered in leather chaps and briefs. Chest was bare with an open leather jacket. Based on this view, Dennis guessed this man was a good seven foot tall.

The goddess bowed her head. “Yes, m’lord.”

The man pushed Dennis’ left shoulder hard.

Dennis stepped back once to keep his balance.

“He is weak.”

There was a smile in the goddess’ words, “Were we any different?”

“No, I suppose not.” The figure stopped circling directly in front. “What’s your name, soldier?”

It took Dennis a moment to register the question. “Um…Dennis, sir.”

A deep chuckle came from above. “He’s in shock.”

The goddess laughed with the master.

“How long was Wren with him?” This voice was female, the mistress.

The goddess seemed not to have expected the question. “How long?” she asked Dennis.


“Oh, Polly is what you called him,” the goddess specified.

Dennis was shocked by this thought. “Four years.”

The mistress walked around to the master. She wore a black leather skirt that dropped to her knees and shiny black boots below. Blonde hair came down to her waist flowing over her white tunic. She reached and grasped Dennis’ chin pulling his head up and locking her blue eyes on his. “He will be perfect. But we need to do something about that name until the time is right. ‘Dennis’ just does nothing for me.”

Before dropping his head, Dennis caught sight of a very scarred bald head of the master.

The mistress continued, “Take him. Reward him for his good behavior. We must begin the training now.”

The goddess bowed. “Thank you, m’lady.” The goddess tugged the leash and turned Dennis around.

The dobermans did not follow.

“And, Echo?” the mistress called.

The goddess stopped. “Yes, m’lady.”

“Make sure he pleases you.”

Dennis could sense the goddess’, Echo’s smile as she turned and led him back out the door.

After it slid shut, Echo stopped in front of him. “Don’t make me regret this.” She slipped the ring off of his penis and put it and the leash back within her coat. She then grasped his penis with her hand gently and led him down the hall.

Dennis felt the warmth of her hand nearly overwhelm him. He concentrated so as not the slow down.

“So what do you think?”

Dennis responded quickly, “About what, exactly?”

“You have no idea what is going on, do you?” She turned a different direction and down another corridor.

“No,” he spoke, glancing around at the passing stars in the window again. “Not really.”

Her free hand reached up and scratched his graying goatee. “You, my friend, are about to have the best sex of your life. Well, so far…but that is just the beginning.”

A door to their left slid open and Echo walked into the dimly lit room.

“Beginning of what?”

Echo’s grasp of his penis tightened and she pulled him inside leaving the door to slide shut quickly.

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