Hanny, Revisited

I am running a bit late this morning, so just a quicky and I will blog more from the car later on in the day…again, I do not text and drive…I only blog and drive (not really).

Hannibal the Doberman, "Hanny"

I have brought up “The Doberman” that lives with me a few times.  On this blog I have brought him up specifically in Hannibal the Doberman and Trapped On High.  High time I posted a picture of him here.  Again, he is a rescue.  I am not even completely certain as to how old he is.  His owner died in November of 2009 and at the time I was told Hanny was around eight or nine.

Now, we are thirteen months into his residence here.  Making him nine or ten…truth is, I suspect he is closer to eleven or twelve.  He has some swelling going on, and very little energy left.  His burst of energy is usually expelled trying to go out in the snow and jump over the white stuff to do his business.  He would be happier in Florida I imagine.

I have started…just started…a new story set called Dennis and Polly.  The doberman is, obviously, Polly’s inspiration in look and attitude.

He will not be around these parts much longer, I fear.  Second dog I have ever had and this was completely unplanned…but I do enjoy him most of the time.  For the record, his original owner erred…this dog is no Hannibal…he’s Hanny.


  1. I wish more people would take care of rescue dogs. Hope you´ll have him by your side for another year..or two. If not, you gave him love and a home and that´s worth loads in the long run.

    1. I think the problem is at this age they are difficult to train. I am lucky as Hanny is well trained and polite, so long as one is not wearing a steak necklace. But older dogs who become homeless…we never know how they will react or how well they were trained until they have been with you for a bit. Most would rather just start with a pup they can work with themselves.

  2. True, but a cool owner or handler make most dogs behave and relax. It´s always the human factor. Pups are cute but then there´s all the house training and the first three over active years when you have to train and stimulate them regulary. I actually think it´s easier with the old ones, at least until you have to carry them around and in the end take the hard decisions. Dogs don´t live long but they are worth all the sorrow you feel when they are gone. Give Hanny a meatball for me, he´s a great dog.


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