Will be off for a horse riding lesson with my youngest shortly. Normally we would do this tomorrow morning but due to a schedule snafu that is messing my weekend with my girls, we have adjusted accordingly.

I will not be in the ring with her today, though. Two other children will be. A bit funny, however, when my youngest will be the most experienced rider of the three children…she has only been on a horse four times before. Plus, Gazoo…the great sofa of a Quarterhorse that she usually rides will be saved for one of the less experienced children. As such, my little one is nervous that she may be on the horse I usually get, big ole’ Angus.

Angus is bigger, a Percheron, and has a touch more energy but really is not bad at all. This will be the first time she has been on any horse other than Gazoo, though. More than anything, the height aspect has her concerned…an extra two feet off the ground looks a lot worse when you are looking up at the horse.

My only concern is the good snowfall we are getting again. I know they will be riding inside but me, being the typical dad, am having visions of horse hooves splayed everywhere and children underneath.


  1. Oh, I understand your worries, but I suppose those horses are for beginners so they should be safe. Do your daughters ride in a Western saddle or in an English saddle? I´m quite advanced when it comes to horseback riding but have only tried Western style once and then it felt like I was way above the horse, it was like sitting in a chair. But I suppose Westerns style is more comfortable in the long run. I mean, who would like to stay in an English saddle for more than 5-6 hours?


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