Need v Want

Time to go over the lists of needs and wants.

Human rights are a need. Political correctness is a want. Odd how the want for political correctness on behalf of minorities can sometimes step on human rights needed by majorities. The obvious elephant example is in free thought and free speech…both are universal human rights until one offends the wrong people and then the political correct term those using free thought and free speech as hateful bigots.

Good health is a need. Long life is a want. This planet is not far off seven billion and yet scientists continue searching for the fountain of youth in order to help people not only live long, but look younger doing it. Humans are not immortal…though do not tell Walt Disney that. Insurance companies make billions off of people worried about what would happen to their loved ones after they are gone…how about taking that money and using it to educate the children now, and stop getting into debt so that future generations do not require this top up to survive.

Mobility is a need. Driving is a want. This one, thanks to ‘globalization’ is a bit gray. In places like Switzerland, the understanding of this is obvious with how they have built up their transit systems…skeletons as to where the money for those projects comes from aside, people do not require cars to go almost anywhere in that country.

Eating is a need. Eating well is a want. Ask North Americans about this one who lead the world in the obesity movement. Some say obesity is a disease, others say it is a sign of good economies, and yet others think it is bigotry to suggest there is a problem…remember the political correct bit?

Information is a need. Gossip is a want. Remember this the next time someone misses voting in their local election because they were busy watching Entertainment Tonight.

Clean air is a need. Smoking is a want. Again, anyone picking on smokers is, allegedly, a hateful bigot. Perhaps people have a right to smoke, but the right to clean air should easily override this.

Reading is a need. Watching is a want. So many will compare books to the film version, but many of those are just repeating from someone who actually read the book. Besides, there are no film versions of map books nor prescription labels.

Spirituality is a need. Religion is a want. One does not have to be religious to be spiritual, and most religious are not truly spiritual. Spirituality is required, in one form or another, to like one’s self and to be comfortable in one’s environment.

Though there are millions more, last one….

Sex is a need. Romantic love is a want. Thanks, again, to Disney and fairy tales prior to that, people have this notion that it should work the other way…there are still many who claim there can be no sex without romantic love. Romance is created…lust is natural. Take the royal wedding from two weeks ago and remember how so many were claiming how “so in love” the couple was…when the divorce papers are filed. Humans have NEVER tended to mate for life…regardless of what the story books claim.


  1. I liked the concept you’re expressing here but disagree with some of it. Life is so complex – not easily expressed in generalities. It’s not that I think you’re wrong it’s just that I think it’s not black and white.


    1. You are correct, it is not black and white. I think marketing companies have done too good of a job, however, making those gray areas into either black or white…making wants into needs, you might say and driving us all (individually and even as countries) into ridiculous debt.

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