Lucky Bronx

The clock ticked past five and the cuckoo popped out to announce closing time.

The redhead, however, continued browsing.

Bronx did not object, though. He stood behind the counter and enjoyed the view of cleavage and legs as she continued on. “Is there anything I can help you with?”

“I’m sorry, I just can’t decide.” Her green eyes sparkled at him.

Bronx smiled through his black goatee which hosted more hair than the dark fringe around his bald head. “Take your time, I have some admin stuff to do.” He walked around the counter to flip off the “open” sign and lock the door.

“Thanks,” she responded and moved to the leather lingerie.

Bronx returned behind the counter and lifted his laptop to the display case so he could read the week’s emails and continue keeping an eye on the glorious redhead in the blue jean shorts and navy tank top.

“Can I try this on?” The redhead held a leather vest and short set on a hanger.

Bronx pointed at the change room door. “Of course, please.”

She followed his direction and vanished into the tiny booth.

Bronx flipped through the usual emails and found a story about a man and his dog. He was laughing at the balls of the guy for sending such a story, but knew he could not publish that.

He continued on further and found a story of Harlequin style romance allegedly brought on by a bra purchased at the store. A quick Google search showed that the story was less than original.

“How does it look?”

Bronx jumped, as he had not heard her come out. His eyes bulged as his gaze found her.

The leather lingerie was a perfect fit. The black bra gave her breasts the look of torpedoes with even more cleavage than her original tank top had. The black panties showed all her round backside admirably.

“Wow…I mean, it looks fantastic.”

She giggled and padded her bare feet over to the counter. “You’re drooling.”

Bronx wiped his mouth before he realized she was kidding.

“Your reaction is as important as the fit, I think.” She stepped around the counter. “Well, maybe you’re not drooling, but that hard on certainly says something.” This time, she was not kidding.

Bronx shrugged his muscled shoulders under his black tee shirt. “Can you blame a guy?” Bronx jumped again when her hand reached forward and felt his erection.

She gave him a full pout on her lips. “Can I have it?”

Bronx only took a moment before his right hand was woven into her red curls and pulling her head back. His left hand released the twins by showing skill at working bra clasps with one hand.

She leaned back against the counter, one hand still stroking Bronx’s erection through his black slacks. A gasp escaped from her at the feeling of Bronx’s tongue flicking her right nipple while he squeezed her left breast with his other hand.

He released her hair and then worked both hands on her breasts. His lips searched up to the hollow of her neck.

“Bite me,” she whispered.

Bronx left a good red welt on her throat, as instructed. He then dropped to his knees and dragged the panties down. Grasping her left calf, he lifted her leg to step out of them. Grasping her right, he pulled the panties off, but then lifted the leg so that it rested on his left shoulder and his tongue made another appearance, first running up her right thigh, and then pushing between her pussy lips.

This illicited another moan and she lifted her left leg over her other shoulder so she was sitting on him and supported by the counter. She screamed through what was to be her first orgasm of the event.

Bronx pushed her legs off him and whipped her around roughly. He used his left foot to spread her legs apart and his hands bent her forward over the counter. “Don’t fuckin’, move.” He stepped aside and reached into the display counter. Bronx quickly ripped a condom package open.

“Fuck me, you bastard!”

He unzipped and dropped trow. He squeezed the tip of the condom as he rolled it down over his cock.


He pushed his cock into her, quickly becoming the chisel to the artwork that was her pleasured screams.

She screamed, over and over as his cock fucked her like a piston.

There was enough cum, by the end, to fill a tube sock.”

Bronx debated whether or not to click on ‘enter’.

He stared at the screen and decided to type more. “A quick note that my customers write better stories than I do. Please forward your erotic stories about your purchases, so that I don’t have to make shit, like this, up.

He glanced down at the redhead with his cock in her mouth.

“Then again, I enjoy writing this shit almost as much as reading it…”


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