Gina giggled as she fell back on the bed and her brunette hair splayed across the pillow.  “I think I need another beer.”

Lance shuffled to the hotel room mini fridge and pulled two more beers.  Steadying himself, he twisted both tops off and then stumbled back towards the bed.  “Opne up,” he said and began pouring one towards her mouth from three feet above.

Gina laughed harder as the golden liquid fell on her forehead.  “You fucker!”

He laughed as well, kneeling between her black nyloned legs and offering her the second beer bottle at a much more reasonable level to sip from.  “Now I think we should fuck,” he said.

After a few sips, she stopped.  “But we just met.”

“I know, but it would be spontupidous…spontaneous, I mean.”

Gina laughed again and sat up.  Her kiss was peck like right on the lips and she renewed her laughter when she saw his tongue reaching for her after.

“Is that a ‘no’?” Lance asked, sitting back on his legs and sipping from the half empty bottle he had fed to her.

She shook her head.  “I think we’re too drunk to fuck.”

Lance nodded.  “Perhapsalutely.  On the other hand, could be the best sex either of us has ever had.”

“Shhh…”  Gina held her finger to her lips and started laughing again.  “Don’t tell my husband that.”

“My wife, either,” Lance agreed and erected himself back up on his knees to kiss her more deeply this time.  His tongue wander into her mouth and his hands grasped her ass through the fabric of her black skirt.

She wrapped her arms around his neck.  “I thought you,” she said and retracted one of her arms to point at him square in his chest.  “I thought you were fucking single.”

Lance grinned.  “I am…it just felt like the right thing to say.  I thought you were single, too.”

“Shhh…”  Her finger returned to her lips.  “Separated.”

His hands moved back to her black nylons and pushed her skirt up.  “Close enough for me.”  His hands found the flesh at the top of her stockings and stopped.

Gina wrapped both arms around his neck again and lay back pulling Lance with her onto the bed.  She kissed him deeply and passionately.  “I want to fuck you,” she whispered.

Lance pulled her burgundy sweater off of her quickly, leaving her in a black bra over the skirt and nylons.  “You will, but drink first.”  He lifted himself off of her and picked the bottle from the floor to feed her again.  Next he lowered back to his knees and poured some of the beer into her belly button before he feasted on her.

Gina squealed with delight at feeling his tongue.  She was so enamored that she barely felt his hands pushing her black panties aside and fingers slipping inside of her…but soon, that pleasure over took the belly button shot glass.

Lance pulled off her and made quick work of getting the black skirt and panties off.  Next, he stopped to release the latch on the bra between her breasts and relieved her of that.  Finally, the tongue that had made her belly button squeal found its place between her legs and slipped inside in search of a clitoris…which it found quickly.  He licked and sucked and poked with his fingers, all the while feeling his own erection growing…

Gina started to snore lightly.

Lance stopped and looked up at the sleeping brunette goddess.  “Fuck me,” he whispered.  He stood and walked to the head of the bed to turn down the sheets.  Returning to her, he lifted her gorgeous body and lay her on the bed before covering her.  Turning out the light, he waited for his eyes to adjust before basking in her beauty once more.  He pushed a stray hair from her face.  “Damn, you are beautiful.  No headaches tomorrow, okay?”

A car horn honked out on the street.

Lance wandered to the washroom for two glasses of water.  Returning, he pulled his parka off the hanger in the hotel room closet and made his way to the sofa to lay down.  Wrapping himself in the coat, he was a little disappointed that he was not asshole enough to take advantage of her…but he slept soundly.

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