Stranded’s Awesome: Rowlf and Ivories

My favourite Muppet…of course, I have previously addressed the Muppets as part of the Stranded’s Awesome series…but my favourite Muppet of all time is not one most would think of.  Most would assume either Fozzie or Kermit or perhaps even the Swedish Chef…but truth of the matter, I have always been partial to Rowlf the piano playing dog.

His deep gruff voice and his piano bar humour just always worked.  Originally voiced by Jim Henson, himself, I used to love those little tidbits at the piano where Rowlf would just tinker away…sometimes alone, sometimes with a friend…but he was just Rowlf.  Even in the newest film, his part was tiny, understated and…in his own words “Classic”.

I finish work, I go home, read a book, have a couple of beers, take myself for a walk and go to bed…

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