Crop Circles

“You’re not going to hurt me, are you?”

Steph allowed the riding crop to trail along the side of his body as she slowly walked around the bed.  The click of her boot heels on the cement floor echoed and her fishnet stockings gave a slight swoosh with every step.  Her little black dress was shiny and black PVC that was short enough to just give a whisper of flesh above the checkered pattern on the fishnets and tight enough that her nipples announced their presence and approval of the proceedings.    Her pale, white arms were bare except a small bat tattoo just below her left shoulder.  The knee-high boots, though leather, almost shined as much as the dress.  Her light brunette hair swayed just below her shoulders as her hazel eyes continued to survey her prey.

Keith was stark naked on a black comforter.  He was very pale with no colour beyond the light natural pink of his lips, blue eyes, the short brown hair that lived both on his head and on his pelvis, and the red metallic cuffs that had hold of both arms and legs to keep him spread eagle on the bed.  “Please,” he whimpered.

Raising the crop off the bed, she allowed the tip to drift across her lips and tongue as though she were tasting his salty skin.  “I’m not sure yet.”

The iron bed was in the middle of the unfinished cement basement.  Currently it was adorned in a black duvet and a naked man squirming against the four cuffs holding him there.Two reading lamps were positioned at the foot of the bed with their snake heads shaped to work almost as interrogation light, leaving the rest of the room in darkness.

“Please don’t…”

With a snap of lightning the crop struck his left calf leaving a slight red welt.  “Don’t beg.  That’s pathetic.”  Steph’s mouth formed a smile seeing the strike had brought a quick half-erection to her captive.  “Are you sure you don’t want me to…?”  She allowed the crop to drift across the erection.

Blue eyes turning yellow, Keith shook his head almost violently.

Stopping at his side, Steph reached with her free left hand and grasped the erection.  “But look what one strike did.  It created this monstrosity.”

A moan slipped from Keith’s mouth as his head and eyes lulled back from the pleasure of her touch.

“Then again…”  Steph bend forward and planted her lips on the tip of his cock.  “There are other ways.”  Her hair slipped past her shoulders and blocked her from his as she sucked him right down to his balls.

“Oh fuck…”

The lightning crop struck his ankle this time.  Pulling her hair back with her free hand, she allowed him to see her grin that currently held and sucked on his penis.

Keith gave a wince-cry at the strike and at the restraint when he tried to pull his foot back from it too quickly.

“Did you want to fuck?” Steph asked between sucks.  “Is that what you want?”

He slowly nodded.

Steph stood back upright and crawled on the bed with him.  “Good thing I don’t wear underwear.”  Her free hand again grasped his erection as she lifted her leg over to straddle him.

Eyes softening at the coming pleasure, Keith relaxed a bit.

“Is this what you want?” Her question was a whisper as she held his penis and lowered her pussy onto it.  Her own moan escaped as the penis head pushed her lips apart and brushed past her clitoris on first entry.

Hips rising to meet her beat, he sighed and grunted with each slap of her ass on his thighs.

The crop circled across his chest in search of flesh to sear, but none was found as Steph was now too preoccupied with her head thrown back and a louder moan each time that erection slipped deeper into her.  She fell forward and buried her face in his shoulder as their fuck grew in its intensity.  A beautifully violent embrace as she kissed his cheek and then bit down on his shoulder-blade as her orgasm screamed and the crop clattered off the bed and to the floor.

Keith continued bucking up into her as his own orgasm began to build.  His hips pounding upwards thrusting his cock into her dripping pussy.

Steph pulled off him and quickly crawled down the bed between his legs.  She grasped his penis and tugged.  Her mouth opened and the first shot of cum missed, splashing her cheek, forehead and Keith’s belly.  The rest of the cum volcano, however, Steph clamped her lips and quickly swallowed.

“Oh, wow, you are amazing.”

“I know.”  Steph winked at him and licked the cum from his belly.  She crawled back up and lay on top of him.  One finger collected the cum on her cheek and lay it on her own tongue before she kissed him and pushed it into his mouth.

He accepted the taste joyously.

Both collapsed in heaving breaths and waited until normality reset.


“Yes, Keith.”  She propped her chin square in the middle of his chest.

“I think we need to get back to work before the others notice.”

Steph nodded without taking her chin off of him.  “Back on our heads, break is over.”  She lifted herself up from him.


“Speaking of head…”  Steph stopped and pulled his entire flaccid penis, balls and all, into her mouth.

“You bad girl,” he whispered with a smile as his new erection formed in her mouth.


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