Stranded’s Awesome: Canucks in Music

This week’s “Awesome” post will be my favourite home grown artists that I have listened to over my 40-something years…and, of course, number one is pretty obvious.  Just shut up and play along, okay…don’t make me get out the flogger.  For the record (pun intended) I think fourth will surprise most who know me.

Before I get into this, an honourable mention (note the random Canadian use of the letter ‘u’) goes to the Barenaked Ladies…a band that, since they fired their singer and have evolved, are pretty close to this list…but alas, close only counts in horse shoes and car insurance.

5)  Kim Mitchell

Let’s start with some dancing in the fridge.  Kim Mitchell has gone from long haired guitar rocker to bald radio DJ on Q107 here in Toronto.  Of this set, he would be the only one who is still something of a Canadian secret.

4)  Alanis Morisette

The woman sings angry…maybe it is the cold winters.  The biggest surprise with her was that Alanis Morisette started intended to be a cookie cutter dance/sing diva.  Thanks to a certain Full House actor, we all saw that get corrected in a big hurry.

3)  Lawrence Gowan

The first rock or pop concert I ever saw was in 1987 at Toronto’s Massey Hall where Lawrence Gowan…then known simply as Gowan, and long before the band Styx came knocking.  Quick aside, Lawrence…buy you can call him Larry, is actually Scottish born and transplanted to Canada…but close enough.

The tune below, originally from Gowan’s Strange Animal album in the mid 1980s, has gained a second life with his membership in Styx…

2)  Sarah McLachlan

I was lucky enough to see Sarah McLachlan perform live twice.  Once at the end of her own solo tour for her Fumbling Towards Ecstasy album and then, again, the following summer when she was the opening act for Sting.  The woman knows how to write a tune, for one thing…and her voice is certainly not the typical alto one expects when dealing with pop and rock music.

However, a song from her most recent album is one that always haunts me…another I can hear over and over…

1)  Rush

Are you kidding?  There was a doubt?  This Toronto based trio, Rush, are easily the best Canadian produced music.  Considering how much I bring these three up on Twitter, I figure I’ll just shut up and listen…let’s start with something old…

Something new…

Something borrowed…

…and yeah, we’ll stop this silly metaphor there…

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