Going Home

They did not see me as I waited in the dark under a tree.  Noise was inconsequential thanks to a small brook behind me and the local wildlife baaing and mooing their displeasure at the intrusion.

The couple entered the clearing under nothing more than the moon’s and stars’ light.

Having taken out my fake human eyes, my sight is much better in the dark than these humans could possibly fathom.  So I watched from my hiding place…not so much for fear of being seen and scaring them off, but more for the comedy that I knew would follow.

I knew why they were there.

He was short.  Tom Cruise short, but with blonde hair and a goatee.  His jean jacket matched his blue jeans and the white tee-shirt and sneakers gave the feeling of The Outsiders.  Under one arm he carried a heavy flannel blanket.  In his other hand, he grasped both of her hands.

She also wore blue jeans, but with a pink sweater…tight to show off her chest, but the turtle neck loose to reveal her neck.  She, too, was blonde though not natural…and in dire need of up keep if she wished to keep that facade going.

All things considered, she would not be too worried about that shortly, but I digress.

I guessed the couple was early 20s.  With the guilty glee on their faces, probably brought up religious and were sneaking out on parent folk…not sure why, but I suspect Catholic.

The embraced and mouths sloppily ate each other as the blanket slipped from his grasp to the grass.  They were, roughly, of the same height and it was like watching a really bad dance as they stumbled to keep their balance.  Drunk, no doubt.

I was going to enjoy this…though I would probably enjoy fucking her myself later and killing him, but that is a report for later.

She leaned into him and the pink covered breasts mashed into his chest.  Her hands released his shoulders and went to work on his belt.

I was rooting for her as I knew she did not have much time…however, as mentioned, I suspect this activity was taboo and relatively new to these young people.

Perhaps they were Mormon.  I remember that lovely musical, The Book of Mormon, where they danced and sang as two young men fulfilled their mission by teaching Ugandans to praise Star Wars characters.  Again, I am sorry, I digress.  What can I say, these human delusions amuse me.

The blonde Tom Cruise pulled off his jacket and, without disturbing his hopeful lover’s hard work on his belt, leaned over and flipped the blanket flat.

Her quest to open the belt continued, but seemed destined to fail between her giggles and the displeased look on his face.

Finally, he took it upon him self to open his belt and even pop the gold button clasping his jeans closed.

Her smile beamed at him, from her knees.  Her slim body lifted upright, and her teeth pulled down the zipper still in the way.

I shook my head as, with jeans, this really did not look comfortable for either of them.

His jeans were pushed down to thighs and reveal undershorts that matched both his tee-shirt and sneakers.

She played with the bulge beneath the fabric…first with hands…then with lips.  One might say she was necking with it.  Finally, with the tip of the white erection between her teeth, her hands pulled the elastic waistband out in order to release the hound.

He screamed just after the audible snap caused by her accidentally letting it go before the goal was achieved.

She giggled.

He staggered.

His erection finally appeared in the moonlight…but only for a brief moment as, apparently, she was rather hungry.

Watching this sloppy blowjob, I quickly recalled why I found older women much more appealing.  Something to be said about a woman with experience…and some anger that she might take out by riding her lover to orgasm.

It was impressive, however, just how much of the young man’s penis vanished into her mouth without a single gag reaction from her.

Again, something I would explore with her later.  I checked my watch and confirmed that they had but moments left.  Looking back up, I was surprised to see her sweater had vanished in that brief moment.  Not at all surprised, however, that her bra was exactly the same colour and held captive her decent sized perky breasts that I would play with later.  Well, I hoped I would play with later.

The man, with complete abandon, fucked her face.  He had a handful of her blonde hair and slammed his hips into her mouth over and over again.

Selfish bastard.  First he picks somewhere to scare wildlife and I had little doubt that she would not reach an orgasm until I was involved.

My watch beeped and I started the count down in my head.


Her mouth enveloped his entire length.


Her hand squeezed his balls lightly.


She pulled off his erection and ran her tongue over the tip.


Her lips closed and she french kissed the tip.


Her head pulled back and she looked up at the young man with a grin.


The field lit up like day light and the roar of the over head ion engine kicking out of stealth mode sent the few remaining wildlife scattering.

I walked out from my hiding place.

The young woman, still on her knees and with an erection in hand, swung her surprised stare around to see me before looking up.

Her lover stared straight up at my ride home.

The penis slipped from her hand as her lover fell.  She did not see the hole that had appeared in the young man’s head after I shot him…fragile humans.  I slipped my gun into the hip holster and dragged her to her feet.  Slipping my arm around her waist, we left the ground.

It is funny.  I understand the technology, but after five years on Earth I now have Doctor Evil doing finger quotations and saying “Tractor beam” when I think about the young blonde woman and I being pulled towards the rocket.

She screamed as we went towards the light.


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