Halftime Erotica

We have 1:04 to halftime of the Sunday night game and I am going to try something here…

45 seconds….with halftime allegedly lasting fifteen minutes…I’m going to write a quicky.

32 seconds…wait for it. I don’t want to cheat and start early.

Apparently they needed another commercial break…28 seconds.

Funny aside, heard they did a study in which the found that the average football game takes three hours with only 11 minutes of actual action.

10 seconds. Makes me think they need to study more important things…

And go…

So I have this fantasy…no, nothing to do with football.

Is this not where all stories begin? Only most avoid pointing out the part that the writer is explaining a fantasy they have. Some would say it is assumed…some would say it is a deflection.

Once…just once…I want to be getting a blow job and be able to sit here writing, describing the sensation, *ahem* blow by blow.

Everything from the first when she eyes my cock and licks her lips…to the end when she wipes that one drop of my cum from her chin.

It would be interesting to see just how coherent my writing would be through all of this. Would also be intriguing to see how long it takes me to finish whatever it is I am writing.

Odds are good that, after she wipes that drop of cum, it would be hours as I would not be able to even consider getting to editing until I at least return the favour for her.

The slow tongue movement between her thighs. The tickle of the aforementioned thighs with my goatee as I taste her flavors. Just getting her going…getting her excited…until my newly re-hardened penis can bring her to that orgasm before cumming again myself.

Then we will lay cuddled together as I ponder if I should edit now…or edit later. Odds are good there will be another round, or four, with her before I get around to editing.

Thank you for your patience, dear reader…but orgasms cum first. One can never have enough orgasms. One can never give enough orgasms to a willing partner.

Now…back to that blow job…and the tip vanishing just between her dark red lips.

Oh look….halftime is over.

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