Day Four – Heading for Home

Back on the bus again.

We just pulled out of the Cleveland Greyhound depot…strange time sitting there. The buses heading to places like Cincinnati and Pittsburgh all had severe searches of bags. When we boarded, however, no security in sight. Wonder what that says about Buffalo?

So it is a sunny day and about 5:30 this coach will pull into the terminal in Buffalo, NY. We have stops in Ashtabula, Ohio and Erie, Pennsylvania. An hour lay over in Buffalo and then on to a new bus heading to the border. Not certain on all the stops on that trip, but I assume Niagara Falls, St Catherines, Hamilton, and Burlington before I get off in Mississauga.

This was a good weekend. An eye opener in more ways than one…in a good way. Found another American city that, like Chicago and San Diego, I will want to come back to. If I have the option, I would love to do a football game the next time. It is a city that, although down like so much of the US, does not give off the depressed vibe that places like Buffalo and Detroit do. Call it a hunch, but Erie, PA might be even worse.

Funny, but as we were boarding the driver would ask each one of us what our final destination was. I guess no one goes to Buffalo with the intent of staying there.

Now it has come to my mind that I need to plan more trips like this. More exploration into places I have not yet been, or places I have not really explored. One of the odd things about travel in Canada is that it is a lot cheaper for me to travel to Cleveland than, say, Ottawa or Montreal. Really is not something I get, but that is how it is.

Anyhow, time for a nap and working on some more fiction back in my reborn Gray series. Maybe I’ll be nice to him today as I am in a good mood…then again, what fun would that be?

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